I’m excited, this Sunday I’ll see U2 live in Singapore. I can’t clearly remember how many times I’ve seen them, maybe 3, but know of once, the “Under a Blood Red Sky” tour of Melbourne in the 1980s. At the time I thought them too commercial but liked them just the same. By memory the gig was great attending with friends, but my memory can’t be trusted…

I liked their first record “Boy” and those after “October” and “War”. That’s really pushing my memory. And further I hope they play a favourite songs of theirs, “Into The Heart” from the album ‘Boy’. Will be good to see old school rock, to be generous I’ll call them alternative. The gig will also be a test for memory but not to get distracted.

Researching for the gig I found a great playlist on Apple music, I remember all of the songs, they really are alternative by today’s standards. I’ll probably write a review on this post afterwards. Here’s the playlist I found, listening just now I quite like ‘Acrobat’, and ‘One’, ‘Mysterious Ways’, they are all good songs. I’m getting my memory ready for reliving the past. Here’s the playlist, a good band. Remembering them I can see also why I questioned their music but liked a few…



It was my first stadium gig. Typically I have seen bands with 500 – 1000 people, well that was the most we ever played to, often a pub of 50. Not in the same league, U2 are renowned. All of my bands music is on the belief page of this site,

The gig wasn’t bad, I remembered almost all of the songs, lyrics too. They are an anthem band with Bono giving so many sermons in between songs. The most impressive thing was the guitar work of ‘the edge’.

They started with”Sunday bloody Sunday” and ended with “One”, highlights “I Will Follow”, “New Year’s Day”, many songs but no “Into the Heart”….

U2 Singapore

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  1. Can’t wait to see U2 in concert this weekend! It’ll be my very first U2 concert. They had shunned performing in Singapore in the past due to human rights reasons, according to the band. Age must have mellowed them…

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