Dear fellow coma victims,

The main purpose of this blog is to record of my recovery from coma. Here’s an update to that end. After 9 years I do feel that I am gradually becoming myself.

During much of my recovery I’ve been cynical about the possibility of ‘me’ again. There have been various issues notably memory loss. I now believe the individual is mostly derived from memory. My improvement has been a painstaking process, through repetition. Coma caused my brain to be rewired. I am a good approximation of the person that was Mathew Homberger.

Maybe I’ll now rewrite that person and become a truer version of him. By my estimation there is no recovery from coma, only transformation, rebirth.

I must add the best thing I’ve done to improve memory is keep a calendar. I sometimes forget to make entries and must remember what I did yesterday. Also to check my memories. To actively use those pathways in the brain.

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