Many news services of late have reported an increase in suicide. We are becoming more aware of mental health and so I consider. On CNN it was suggested a reason for this increase was difficulty communicating, "suffer in silence" they said. Indeed the western world has always been individualistic. Identity was established in Human Intelligence... Continue Reading →


Maybe the only chance for human evolution would be our interaction with aliens, but I suspect today we are evolving through our development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Physically humans have evolved from amoeba to fish, mammals until human. Intellectually we have also evolved. Human intelligence (HI) began I think with Greek philosophy when Heraclitus, Socrates... Continue Reading →


Artificial intelligence offers us the opportunity to be truly human. Through computers and robots all of our human needs will be taken care of. Things as fundamental as the production of food and buildings can be left to our invention and we will become absorbed by things like love and war, and the arts like... Continue Reading →

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