Humans will one day create Simulation, a virtual reality like the film “the Matrix“. Perhaps today we live in a simulation of the year 2020, why not? Indeed if we do invent simulation we will readily use it to time travel, experience that day according to what we know about it. The link below suggests Simulation Theory goes back to ancient Greek philosophy, recent philosophers consider it too. But simulation is just that, a copy. Can something truly new happen in simulation. Perhaps creativity is a little more substantial in the actual rather than a simulation.

Simulation must originate from somewhere, so I presume there is an underlying actual. Humans always look for truth, meaning, cause and effect. We have many religions and scientific theories that attempt to account for existence. I guess I’m just gonna have to live with the idea that reality could be a simulation. A natural state for a human, doubt. Where does life come from, God or simulation. Who or what conceived of this reality and to what end? AI might use Simulation to answer emotional questions arising from its interaction with humans.

Elon Musk thinks it’s quite likely we live in a simulation.

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