Like the film “the Matrix”, are we living in simulation? Elon Musk says “We’re most likely in a simulation”, I think he puts it at a billion to 1 that we’re not. I don’t think it makes a significant difference, we still exist and have always wondered about our source. Are we now about to answer that question, has AI created a computer simulation for our existence? We created AI. The substantial question is what’s the origin of our perceived universe? In simulation our consciousness still exists with individuality, experience, creativity. We have always wondered about our source, God? It would only add fascination to know that we are the simulation of another intelligence. God remains the fundamental question and is the other intelligence. Who or what created our reality at its base.

Simulation theory is like Monist theory suggesting that everything is mind, perception. Simulation agrees that there is only consciousness, nothing is real but simulated. We still need to learn how to program consciousness. Both theories say there is no material world. Perhaps via different theories we are arriving at answers to fundamental questions, everything is mind. Consciousness is the base reality. It would change very little to know we live in simulation. It might help us manipulate our perceived universe if we prove that it is simulated, that everything is mind. It kind of proves the existence of God.