Dear fellow coma victims, at a favorite restaurant in Thailand I had a regular dish, mussels in a white wine sauce with lots of garlic and considered the taste. I was eating large chunks of garlic but couldn’t discern the flavor. The texture yes as it’s one of my favorite things about food. The garlic texture is like onion, I remembered garlic having a strong flavor but never really got it. So a discussion about senses ensued, how all humans interface with the world… Indeed taste is of a different order to language, what does beetroot really taste like? Difficult to transpose to language without food comparison. Our basic words to describe taste might include sweet, bitter, salty, savoury, crunchy, spicy, hot, chewy et al. My observations were that coma had effected a very subtle human ability, to discern between food stuff and taste.

Sight In the documentary coma some people’s sight was effected, I have had problems looking through my right eye, nothing too bad and it’s pretty much normal now but at times I felt it was effected too.

Sound In the documentary coma a person lost his hearing after coma, fortunately I haven’t noticed anything.

Taste I was an apprentice chef at one of the best French restaurants in  Melbourne, Miettas, and taste was extremely important to me but now I can’t even taste garlic, a favorite seasoning before coma. And I previously had at leatst 5 chillies with Som Tum salad but can’t take 1 in any dish nowadays.

Touch I’ve become left handed since coma. In early days there was always pins and needles in the right, the entire right side misbehaves and the sense of touch in it is diminished.

Smell It has been said by people that I have lost my  sense of smell. I cannot smell disgusting things anymore I’m told. If there are pervasive bad smells I can’t.

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