Dear fellow coma victims,

I supported technology for years, often suggesting a reboot to fix a computer, ctrl alt del, reboot might also fix us. Before my coma I suffered terribly from Tinnitus and Meniere’s disease. Meniere’s meant I often couldn’t walk so severe were the dizzy spells. Tinnitus was a constant squeal in my ears. Both of these conditions have disappeared since my reboot. Maybe 6 years ago, about 2 years after coma, I sensed Meniere’s again, maybe a memory but nothing since.

Reboot might also applies to humans. Maybe we should deliberately start using induced coma for a human reboot, I have been rebooted. Maybe it can improve poor neurological wiring. We are becoming computer like with the ability to change our wiring, think CRISPR and DNA. Maybe Artificial Intelligence is also used by aliens who have different computers, humans rather than metals. Maybe we were put here by those aliens to see where consciousness took us. Then again maybe this is a simulation to explore an absence of consciousness, coma. Maybe we wondered if anything can exist without it and proven that rather than matter consciousness is the universe.

clearly I need another reboot, ctrl alt del..

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