The recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton America represent a global problem. People in the technological age are becoming less empathetic, it’s too easy to remain anonymous rather than be a connected human being. Knife attacks are on the rise in the UK, as are expressions of violence globally. Perhaps partly a consequence of... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow coma victims, Progress continues over time. I think the new pathways in the brain take a long time to construct but eventually do. Subtle things like balance and movement of the toes take the longest. Coma victims should meaningfully use the brain to help it rebuild. Try and remember and also consider things... Continue Reading →


We might evolve soon as we understand more about the cloud having created one as a copy of the human cloud in technology for Artificial Intelligent. We have always existed in a cloud, as a collective with laws to abide, but maybe we can take our cloud further. Perhaps we can evolve from the “I”... Continue Reading →


P.O.Ws in Germany during world war 2 liked to sing “die gedanken sind frei” which translates your thoughts are free. It seems we have lost that sentiment by the actions taken against Julian Assange. I read the link below that suggests we were putting truth on trial through Assange. I actually think it’s worse, we... Continue Reading →


I might suggest to people not to buy anything made in the USA today as a means of protest about racism both in the country and at its border, and the many social justice issues there. They tell people not to buy from China. We should avoid all things American to express a voice of... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow coma victims, Normal life resumes, yes my life is normal again. I have returned home to Singapore from my home of origin Germany. I love both places, Hessen in Germany and Bukit Batok in Singapore. And I thought normality was a distant thing. To keep those that follow this blog informed of my... Continue Reading →


Many news services of late have reported an increase in suicide. We are becoming more aware of mental health and so I consider. On CNN it was suggested a reason for this increase was difficulty communicating, "suffer in silence" they said. Indeed the western world has always been individualistic. Identity was established in Human Intelligence... Continue Reading →


Marburg is a great place which stands to reason as my father was a great man, Karl Heinz Rudolph Homberger. His home town, he was better known as Heinze. I’ve been here many times, the first we had our 5th birthday here in Marburg, ich mit mein zwillinge. My mind wanders, my Opa (Grandfather) lived... Continue Reading →


Ich bin wieder da A return to my country of origin, Germany. A profound experience to be here again. Where I once lived and worked, where my parents come from. The home of my heart, perhaps my brain is partly Australian, but mostly German I think. One of the most important things in life is... Continue Reading →


Traveling again next week, to my country of blood, my spiritual home, Deutschland. Aber mein deutsch geht noch nicht, nur ein bisschen. I will visit my mother and fathers’ home towns Wiesbaden und Marburg. Ich hat gearbeitet in Frankfurt und Mūnchen, I worked in those places for around a year. English was the business language.... Continue Reading →


Religion like science has concepts of infinity. Our thoughts don’t arrive at a boundary, we've applied such logic to the material world. The universe is infinite they say. Indeed we are limited to this third dimensional logic from which science is derived. Science is provable by experiment, repetition, but experiments conceived by 3rddimensional logic, perhaps... Continue Reading →


There has been a lot of criticism on TV about social media but I don’t think it's the problem, users are. Sure there are privacy concerns but you can configure your account not to share information. The internet must be regarded as public where you shouldn't put anything you regard as private. We should take... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow coma victims, I supported technology for years often suggesting reboot to fix a computer, a reboot might also fix people. Before my coma I suffered terribly from Meniere’s disease and Tinnitus. Meniere’s meant I often couldn't walk so severe were the dizzy spells, an absence of balance. Tinnitus was a constant squeal in... Continue Reading →


Climate change is happening, scientists are unanimous, we must act. After World War 2 the USA became a global leader. There have been some wars since, we like to claim ownership of land, but no equivalent war. Through collectives like NATO America became leader of the free world. That's exactly what we need today as... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow coma victims, I thought to post my ideas for recovery. I’m sure I’m repeating myself. By my assessment the best therapy is to do, act, choose, decide, judge... use the brain in a focussed way always aware that you are using it.  As I’ve said perhaps HBOT helps rebuild the brain and restore... Continue Reading →


Alabamba's recent anti abortion laws in the US are wrong as children die at the countries border trying to escape persecution. Many have been aborted there, hardly pro life. The US Supreme Court's decision Roe versus Wade gave women the right to abortion. That right is a valid interpretation of the constitution. Personally I think... Continue Reading →


Travel again, Ubud Bali. On a tour we stopped for a 'luwak' coffee peculiar to Indonesia. A type of cat, a luwak, eats Arabic coffee beans for caffeine and then shits out the beans. The Indonesians liked the coffee the beans made after luwak ingestion and luwak coffee was born. It's become famous. Cat shit... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow coma victims, Confusion is a human condition. I think I’m recovering from coma as my mind seems to be more jumbled, confused. Perhaps it’s like it was before coma, life is sometimes confusing for everyone I think, at times a messy experience. One needs to make judgements all the time and be assertive.... Continue Reading →


Again the corruption of ideas as Julien Assange is imprisoned for exposing truth through WikiLeaks. What he wrote as a journalist was told to him by whistleblowers. He showed us notions of truth is often controlled by the powerful. For how much longer will humanity tolerate power? We should just acknowledge fact. This raises the... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow coma victims, Thailand again, feels like I haven’t traveled for ages, it’s been maybe 2 months. The London global warming protests suggest to ban air travel until it uses renewables. I think travel is the one thing I couldn’t sacrifice, oh well extinction here we come. I believe travel helps coma victims, something... Continue Reading →

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