I loved film before coma so here is another post about an old film, perhaps I’m becoming normal. Stanley Kubrick was my favourite film maker, or perhaps Tarkovsky. We recently watched a Kubrick film again, “Eyes Wide Shut”. Philosophically opposed to his classic “A Space Odyssey 2001” which was a story about aliens or maybe Artificial Intelligence, “Eyes Wide Shut” is about humans, it explores the human condition of emotion. For humans sex is central, there are two sexes man and woman and then the act of sex for pleasure, emotion and procreation. He considers these desires focusing on emotion, on love and it’s difference for the two sexes. It’s most interesting that in both films Kubrick arrives at fundamental questions for humanity, we think and we feel. “A Space Odyssey” is about thinking, other intelligence exists in the universe. “Eyes Wide Shut” is about feeling, love. It was goodg to watch “Eyes Wide Shut” again, during the time of “me too”.



So much for fake news, Trump is taking alternative facts the next level. There is news today of an unconfirmed meeting with the president of Canada (unconfirmed because they don’t know if the meeting happened, he said it did) where Trump makes the false claim of a trade deficit with Canada. I suspect the real problem for the most powerful man in the world is senility, they ought to test his mental fitness. For such an unwitting person soon to have a meeting about nuclear weapons with North Korea is quite dangerous. Not to mention global warming, that’s extremely dangerous. Climate change is an enormous threat to our species, we face extinction.



Looking at people I wonder about them more and more, about the unique events of their lives. Perhaps an easy thing for a coma victim, maybe a sign of aging. I wonder what they are thinking and what made them think that. If they are trapped in a thought pattern or if for them thought is an exploration of being. Certainly all humans become trapped by habit, by the things we consider. I too am trapped, thoughts like what next and evolution. I suspect most people think about other people, friends and children, and aren’t so interested in the problems of humanity, except for the likes of Plato, a profound thinker.


I travelled today to Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Time again to make records of my life so I don’t forget. I was recently burned, it took me three days to remember how but not everything. This blog helps me very often with recollection, as I’ve said before outsourcing memory can be helpful. Well I’ve been to Japan recently, Osaka, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Kyoto, trying to remember. I suspect that about covers it and now for somewhere new but I’ve drunk the beer, Sapporo. Indeed the world is an interesting place when one goes from tropical heat to the snow of Sapporo, very slippery for walking though. The last time I had so much trouble walking on ice was in Krofdorf Germany visiting my uncle once for Christmas.



The link above acknowledges that the UK and the Arctic have swapped temperatures, further evidence of global warming? We are living during a time of changing weather, as confirmed by it’s increased news coverage. The Earth’s weather was more predictable before we changed the climate by our carbon dioxide emissions. Apparently stratospheric winds caused by global warming are moving cold and warm air masses about. The Arctic will soon be gone as the Earth’s oceans continue to rise. Indeed we are changing our climate, we will need to adapt having evolved in different weather conditions. The movement of cold and warm air masses over the Arctic is not fake news but reported fact, google it.



downloadAs reported on CNN, Amnesty International is presently saying a big threat to human rights is the United States of America. I never thought I’d see the day that the US made their list of concerns. America’s answer to the US gun problem is more guns, give guns to teachers and good people? They should simply ban guns like most other countries. The reason there are so many gun killings in America, I think the figure is 90% of such crimes globally, is because of the laws. In Australia it’s a point of interest where the gun came from in any such crime, nobody has easy access to guns there. I’m quite sure these shootings would occur globally if the world had easy access to guns. We all go off the rails occasionally but such shootings only occur in America where they have the right to bear arms. Guns are designed to kill, people or animals, for death. The only protection they offer is against another gun, to kill that bearer. Gun control might also make more difficult the other ever increasing cause of death, suicide.


img-20180218-wa00043433440549192273050.jpgHome again to Singapore after 5 days in Ubud Bali, not for too long, Japan again in two weeks and then I’m thinking Australia. The drive to the airport from Ubud was great, it gave me a better look at Bali which I like all over, even the roadside villages. The people seem most artistic, there are many sculpture places and fine art studios that you can buy from. It seems creativity is a way of life for the Balinese. I also observed substantial intellect from the locals, I can’t remember now what made me think that but indeed Indonesia is an expansive country with hundreds of islands.