It seems I may have lost some intelligence and sensitivity through the accident. The world is discovering its place in the universe. We have never known so much about existence with scientific theories emerging like ‘entanglement’. Why people focus on the mundane I don’t know. When I move about it seems to me the masses aren’t evolving at all, heads down wondering about their meaningless lives. Sure not everyone has a meaningless life but the masses are not looking at the big picture. Maybe we need people to speak of the magic rather than politics, sport and weather. Maybe I have become dumb and lost any intelligence I might have had.

Obama did speak of global warming as the fundamental challenge of our age while in Alaska recently, indeed the world is changing quite dramatically.

One thought on “Intelligence

  1. Lots of people seem to be difficult to be so Dumb. ? I had the house insurance AAMI .?
    Sorry I did as to the house storm Damaged the front porch. Then the insurance AAMI
    Refused to fix as said its ware and tare. ? Well I said if I had built this a year ago is it ware & tare aswell . To the storm damage or if I had car crash and my car is ten years old is it ware & tare and you don’t want to pay up
    On the insurance . ? This is AAMI insurance. Fraud ? Take your money but refuse to pay up. Exuse ware & tare words .? $. Money takers life insurance another . ? Or another ?

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