Ideas for a Film

The aim of this film would be to provoke human evolution, exploring the difference between intelligence and consciousness. Similar to Kubrick’s “2001 a Space Odyssey” it would traverse human epochs. Primitive Man, Thinking Man, Religious Man, Industrial Age Man, arriving at our next evolutionary leap, “Conscious Person”. Artificial Intelligence reveals what is fundamentally human and beyond intelligence, consciousness.

It depicts the possibility of our next civilisation whose focus is life rather than cash. Economy, a product of industrial age man, is a human invention to refine exchange and create wage earners, concepts which are no longer required as AI provides all material needs. After integration with AI humans realise what makes them unique, consciousness. People become more active in the arts and conscious pursuits which are truly human. Consciousness is underpinned by a sentient being. Intelligence is a process that requires no sentience and so can be implemented in the artificial but consciousness requires a being, a soul.


Primitive Man

Before the first evolutionary leap, footage like Kubrick’s 2001. The discovery of fire, and man apes gathering together to eat and interact, the beginnings of a collective.


Defining gold as valuable, the use thereof for exchange.

Thinking Man

Greek philosophy and the building of human intelligence, identity. The word gnosis. Heraclitus, Socrates, Plato.

Religious Man

With the development of thought, consciousness, man wonders where the I come from. A survey of the many religions, show that every culture has one.

Industrial Age Human

The creation and control of wage earners. Corruption and competition become prolific.

Conscious Sapiens

AI is mature and accounts for all needs. Robots grow the food and build the houses, human labour is no longer required. Conscious activities are on the rise, the arts and religion grow. A new evolved spicies emerges along with an increase in the exploration of space. We discover how to move into other dimensions and transport our bodies immediately across space and time, a consequence of entanglement theory. In other dimensions we can’t interact with the 3rd.


The first part remains distant with a land full of objects.

The second part exposes value in terms of price. More focused on objects

The third is closer and exposes religion.

The fourth again closer and depicts work for money.

The fifth is closest often zooming in with lighting, often from the ground up.


Show that in all periods of human evolution the current age always thought that they were the most advanced in human history.

The Greeks realising that primitive man wasn’t capable of thought. Other periods too, Cash, Industrial Age Man etc, until arriving at the Technological Age where Conscious Sapiens thinks they are the most advanced example of the species.

Ultimately undermine this notion that evolving is advancement and show people always think they are living during the most evolved or progressed period because time is linear.

Perhaps there is no evolution, but a more enhanced awareness. We were always capable but at times indifferent. Time doesn’t exist for modern science, so when are humans better?