I tried HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment) and once watched the US film ‘Coma’ that tracks several victims over three years and also depicts HBOT.

In the film one victim dies, another was permanently vegetative, another couldn’t hear, another like me was married after coma. The common effect was the brains inability to process stimuli, for me it’s the right side of my body.

A father noticed progress in his sons recovery after HBOT, he couldn’t walk in the water unassisted before but could after. For my recovery I too noticed improvement from HBOT. My twin brother put me on a course of HBOT at the established therapy centre  I think my memory and mind started to improve when I did each session in an oxygen chamber.

The person who administered HBOT was a proven Australian therapist by the name of Mal Hooper. I suspect HBOT began my recovery. Several friends contributed to the costs of HBOT hoping. So my advice to other coma victims is definitely try HBOT, for me the process was to be put in an oxygen chamber for about an hour each time, the theory being that oxygen is central to the health of cells, especially brain cells.


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