After more than three years I finally did it today, a short walk to the local MRT coffee shop without my walking stick. A real sense of achievement. It was tricky and I will only do it for very short distances at first, but the brain can recover. Just thought to share this milestone with you guys, we must keep trying, a macchiato my friend?

First I was confined to bed, then wheel chair, moving on walking frame, then walking stick and now without anything, let’s hope it keeps improving, I’ll need wings next…

Day 2 of trying to walk without my stick, a very treacherous business, took about 5 times longer and I almost fell. I look at others and we all have our problems, mine are just physical, my brain has lost it’s relationship with my body, those pathways have been severed, it’s not just my leg, I get cramps in the most unusual places these days …

Day 3, back to using my stick all the time…


  1. A significant breakthrough indeed! It was amazing how you just woke up today in the morning and decided to make the same journey without your waking stick 🙂 You already have angel wings!

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