During this time of Covid I thought to suggest a few Netflix films…

Social Dilemma is about social media. I am mostly positive about technology, I want to see how AI develops as it holds promise for our civilisation. The problem with social media is human. In life we seek public approval, now we can seek that from so many people through social media.

The Great Hack is about Cambridge Analytics involvement in Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. It shows how we are all vulnerable to influence, hacking. Persuadable people are influenced using social media. The biggest victim of this human hack has been truth.

Surviving Death considers the other side of life, consciousness. During this time of Covid, the untimely death of a loved one has been experienced by many. A materialist believes everything is derived from matter, consciousness is a product of the brain. This documentary questions that view and wonders is it possible for our consciousness to survive?

Stateless is about illegal immigration to Australia, the boat people as they’re called. Stateless shows Australia’s immigration prisons for refugees. We don’t know the corruption and despair they are fleeing. The best solution would be to make every country livable and prevent human rights violations. People don’t choose to flee their home, they only do so out of fear.

Human Nature explores the ability to clone people with CRISPR technology…

Life On Our Planet is about the consequences of global warming and forecasts its effects 100 years hence. At the age of 93 Attenborough hopes we can survive this extinction level event caused by human activity. Attenborough tells us the success of planet Earth was it’s biodiversity which needs to be restored.


Watch the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. The movie considers the effects of fishing on the ocean and global warming. More than 50% of the garbage in the sea is fishing nets, our focus on straws is shortsighted.


An excellent Australia comedy about a barrister, judgement and the self elevating use of the word correct. I think he got the cannibal off…


The new Netflix documentary “Cowspiracy”, along with “Seaspiracy”, clearly details how human activity is killing life on this planet. How consumption, consumerism and capitalism are more the reasons for global warming than the use of electricity or driving cars. We are buyers making the Earth unliveable, slowly killing all species that call the planet home. We don’t respect life.

I have often spoken of becoming vegan, I must do it now. I shouldn’t live with my contribution to the destruction of the planet. You might say infinitesimal but in truth actual, we need to live in harmony with the environment. I must choose not to eat fish or meat, so much damage these products cause. Humans have become a parasite, we consume everything.

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