Will humans evolve beyond capitalism. We needed money as motivation to evolve to this point but have also acted not for profit, for betterment. The exchange of gold was perhaps necessary but I think we have surpassed primitive human. We are ready to evolve again, to go beyond money and become motivated by consciousness. To exchange not for profit but need. We can’t stop evolution, our current state is derived from the industrial revolution. Economy and jobs are the order of the day but maybe we can live without money, we still need to share.

Maybe consciousness can replace money, we can exchange ideas. Science today suggests rather than matter consciousness is the universe. Matter doesn’t exist but is an epiphenomenon of consciousness. So where is consciousness taking us, are there fundamentals within it? Is it chaotic like quantum, a process for choice, or does it establish real rights and wrongs? Is goodness fundamental, what of the prophets? Consciousness has established civilization, of what will we conceive next? Is “right”, like the “atom” in materialism, an element? Is it right to share not for profit?

I write to try and provoke change. To escape the system in the hope of evolution. We might evolve by changing our emphasis from money to life, and move towards our next evolutionary leap, consciousness. There are videos on the belief page that describe monist concepts of consciousness.

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