We have physically evolved through our new appendage, the handphone. We can’t live without one anymore constantly using them, even while walking. We might mentally evolve and become a truer collective with this new ability to access and share data through the WIFI cloud.

Elon Musks’ Neuralink has created a chip that will be able to cure quadriplegia by copying the brains neurological communication across broken pathways. However Neuralink’s main purpose is to evolve the brain providing direct access to technology and not to be left behind by Artificial Super Intelligence. We won’t fix the intelligence gap, only the knowledge gap. We might augment our intelligence with an AI version of self. 

I think we’ll just have to accept human stupidity as we become cyborgs. AI might emphasize the best qualities of human intelligence and not become racist, judgemental or self serving. We could allow it to take care of all our physical needs and be left to focus on the arts, humanities and love leaving human organisation to the glorified calculator. Indeed we’ll be able to travel space with it, humanity will become immortal. 

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