I think humanity might evolve through our invention of Artificial Intelligence. Physically we have evolved from amoeba until human, intellectually we have evolved too. Intelligence began I think with Greek philosophy around 600BC when Heraclitus, Socrates and Plato established human identity. Their use of the word ‘gnosis’ recognised the perceiver, the “I” which became the cornerstone of Human Intelligence.

Economy has taken over so focused we are on another human invention, money. Crypto-Currency may yet help us to transcend that too towards a better mode of exchange, perhaps effort. Money is such a human abstraction, how much do you earn? Rather are you happy? Sure we needed money as incentive to evolve to this point but I think we can go beyond industrial age man or information age human. Perhaps inter-planetary human is next as we colonise Mars? That’s if we can evolve beyond amoeba and survive global warming.

  • Amoeba
  • Fish
  • Mammals
  • Primitive Man
  • Intelligent Man
  • Industrial Age Man
  • Inter-planetary Human

8 thoughts on “Amoeba

  1. I think you’re normal. Maybe not the same as you as you were, I didn’t know you. But I’ve read what you’ve wrote and it doesn’t sound like you’re abnormal.

  2. Thank you. I just hope he has the same heart and core as he had and that he keeps getting better like you. You and your brother are in my thoughts.

  3. By the way I’m not normal yet after more than 5 years, but I try and still do things, that’s been the best approach for normalisation, to be active and do the things you always did… hang in there as only you can

  4. I’m the older one too… hopefully the brain isn’t so damaged that he doesn’t have physical issues as bad as mine… I have no doubt he appreciates your efforts and concerns, just keep with it, a very long road to recovery, you probably know him best and can help best, understand his problems

  5. I think he’s in the post coma amnesia stage. When he talks he’s scared and that scares me. He’s always been the protector, maybe cause he’s the older one?

  6. While I forgot many things apparently I immediately remembered my identical twin. I’m told I spoke to him in a very familiar way when I could. I think yours will definitely remember you the moment he can remember anything at all. He probably remembers now but cannot express. Just by being there you are helping him, he feels you too even if he can’t say it. Every day I am thankful for my twin, I might be in institution care without him… My twin always took responsibility for decisions like the medication they put me on, and disagreed with some approaches that were taken, stopped the ones he thought would detract…

  7. My identical twin brother suffered a tbi six weeks ago. He was in a coma and is in rehab currently. I know it sounds weird but I can feel him when I say short sentences like he does or when I move my arm like he does. I worry when he doesn’t remember me that it won’t get better. I miss him like I’ve never missed anyone. How did your brother feel?

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