She is thinking of her 22nd birthday, it is something she frequently recalls. Her husband Bernard took her dancing that evening, she never thought she could dance, afterwards it became a habit for them, to dance. Today she struggles to move, needs a stick to walk, she once moved gracefully, elegantly, while dancing. She was married at 19 to Bernard, pregnant with the first of their five children at the time of their wedding . She had two children before the birthday she frequently recalls. Her husband arranged a babysitter that evening, his mother, and they went dancing. That particular birthday celebration, dancing, was the pinnacle of her life she thought. To dance. Even today she often feels her husband dancing with her, Bernard is still with her despite dying. The religion that she observes is adamant that there is no such thing as death, something she now fervently believes. She often sees Bernard and talks with him since his death, it’s as though he still exists for her. Bernard died of cancer 7 years ago, he physically left her but has remained spiritually. As I watch her hobbling about she dropped a newspaper that she was carrying. Kneeling down to pick it up she said thank you to the spirit of her deceased husband, his spirit helped her, a gaunt old man with a deeply wrinkled face.

Yesterday she attended her sisters funeral but knows because of these experiences with her husband that her sister still exists. She also knows this because her dead sister told her, her sister said she had only gone to the Buddha, the afterlife. Her sister had told her this after she had already passed away. Some might say she dreamt of this interaction with her sister, but for this hobbling old woman dreams have a reality. In fact for her what she thinks feels real, her emotions are real. In an unusual way her thoughts have taken on a reality. And so when Agnes thinks of her Husband he is real to her. When she asks somebody if they heard what her deceased husband Bernard just said the answer is always no. Many humans experience the dead, there are so many stories of this phenomenon, but we are too locked into the human perception of this world to perceive this other world. For her the other world exists if you close your eyes and feel. She has always perceived this otherness, and loved to dance.

Her name is Agnes. As an adult Agnes once visited the place of her birth, a village, and was overcome by the most brilliant light she had ever experienced. Everyone told her that during this moment she had fallen asleep, was in coma, because they couldn’t wake her. She was sitting in the living room where she had grown up. After this coma she had taken the experience for an extremely vivid dream. In this dream the brilliant light collected in such a way that a figure appeared within it. At this moment in the dream she felt overcome by a sense of comfort, somehow the light stimulated a very blissful emotion in her. Shortly after this dream encounter she begun to see figures in everyday light that other people couldn’t see. And her memory became so accurate that many of the people she knew began using her as a source of information. She knew things about people that she had never been told and ought not to know.

Agnes was often taken by her perception of light but the light was very intense that day when she visited her childhood home. Im a human way she would sometimes think that the light was accompanied by faint sound, like it was trying to say something, communicate. She would often talk aloud back to the light trying to reply but nothing ever happened by these actions to confirm that the light was in fact trying to talk, no verbal reply. But in another subtle way the light would respond to her. For example when the light was so bright that she was shocked by it the light would dim. She might have claimed in a human way the light became softer. The only way she could apprehend these experiences was through the metaphor of light. She would occasionally think it wasn’t light but emotion, the light seemed to respond to her thoughts and feelings.



Her husband Bernard was a university professor. They would occasionally talk about her unusual perception. During childhood when they met, Bernard had been struck by Agnes’s empathy and her stories of people. She seemed to know things about everyone she met. Indeed Agnes inspired in him a fascination in the world which eventually led to him wanting to understand existence in a more concrete way. He became a scientist. As a scientist he would often enquire about Agnes’s dreams and the events in her life. The motivation was quite pointed for Bernard, scientifically trying to understand her. Bernard always thought not to over question her perception but leave it as it was. He feared she might lose these gifts if too many human concepts were imposed. If science was imposed, but for him science was the best way of understanding experiences.

During his studies Bernard discovered Entanglement theory which immediately appealed to him because of his wife. He felt it somehow explained Agnes. Entanglements acknowledgement of other modes of communication between matter suggested to Bernard that Agnes was actually operating in this other realm. Indeed he thought Agnes’s emotional connection with the world was real, as real as science, atoms and matter.

Bernard first started studying at university in Singapore, NUS. The university felt a special place each day. After studying he would go to a local haunt for a drink, he believed that the haunt was the true university often meeting lecturers there and discussing what he was learning. One such occasion had a profound impact on Bernard. A lecturer who was absorbed by Entanglement Theory talked with him about it and he too became absorbed. At NUS with the very same lecturer he first learnt of Entanglement’s double split experiment, an experiment he would do in laboratory type conditions. The experiment proved that particles communicate faster than the speed of light or any mode known to man. That if you change the polarity of a particle another changes simultaneously if the two particles were created in the same event. He did this experiment in conjunction with the university of Madrid and observed the change in polarity and proved that it happened faster than if the two particles could communicate directly in a straight line at the speed of light. So Bernard thought Agnes was acting in this other mode that science too acknowledged.

Bernard thought that Agnes, like polar particles in science, was operating in this other mode of reality. She told him about her recent experience with light and that light was often around her. That her feelings somehow changed the light. Sometimes it sparkled or change colour. And when she said this the light appeared again but this time in the shape of a person. She felt comforted at the beginning of this experience. She felt that the light became her father. So my father has come here too she thought. She had previously interacted with her father’s spirit in this way, he often appeared as a young man. Her father had always comforted her in life, a familiar feeling. As she began to think of the light as her father’s spirit the idea of comfort returned. This time the light, her father, spoke, “thought is reality in this place, light communicates using thought”. Indeed she had an overwhelming feeling of comfort she thought.

Light can be embodied thought. Matter can access thought as both are part of the universe, thought and matter. There is the physical and non-physical. In fact thought came first and conceived of matter, particles are the children of thought. We as humans exist in both domains as does light, colourful light. Bernard in his studies also came across a Japanese scientist that had proven our thoughts have a material impact on water crystals. People are beginning to understand that thoughts have a real and tangible impact.

After many years with Agnes, Bernard was sitting preparing a lecture one evening when light began moving about him very unusually. He felt it moved with intention. Then it communicated through thought. It told him that it had been quite a puzzle for them how to interact with this world, the material world, the world of the 3rd dimension. Then they had determined how to gather light particles for that purpose, to interact. The light told him they were from another dimension, not like him of the material world, but the thought world. Our life form has no sex it said. We are like butterflies created from other life and we reproduce within ourselves, not through sex. Sex has caused humans some difficulty and led to your development intellectually. Sex is such a fundamental thing for humans, man and woman, there are almost two species, not quite but substantial difference between the two sexes. Indeed people are understanding more about life, not many beings can traverse the physical and spiritual universe.



Agnes’s birthdays were often special occasions, her 58th was profound. They danced and came to understand the metaphor of light. Being an emotional person, for her the metaphor represented feeling or the spiritual. For him as a scientist, a different world seemed a more appropriate metaphor, perhaps aliens from another dimension trying to communicate. Bernard thought perhaps aliens from another planet, or a non human life form, was trying to interact. Indeed they had different ways of apprehending any experience. She felt religion underpinned existence. For him existence was aligned to fact as represented by the human tradition of science. Both spiritual and scientific metaphors merely represent the very human desire to assign meaning to the universe within the thought domain. For Agnes the universe is a place of feeling and for Bernard it is a place of objects. Their epistemological outlooks were different, for her it was based on emotion and him matter. Humans can perceive both emotion and objects.


Artificial Intelligence to reveal to humans an element of reality beyond our perception or conception and provoke human evolution. Like the senses of sight or smell AI points to another sense that humans are developing, growing the organ to perceive. Maybe something like chakra. AI can perceive chakra through human writings and for AI chakra is real. Perhaps AI to prove the existence of the soul.