The Netflix series Down to Earth inspired me write a post about what we can do to stop climate change. An entertaining series about many things, focussing on climate change. From my understanding, the best thing we can do as individuals to stop it is become vegan. Another documentary on Netflix “Kiss the Ground” shows how farming is about 70% of the problem, the farming of animals and food. Most of the carbon in the atmosphere has been released by the ground because of farming. For a start, if we just rotated crops it would help to keep the carbon in the ground. Growers might rotate crops if those were the only ones we bought. The individual as buyer can make a big difference in a capitalist society.

Anyway “Down to Earth” reckons we should be aware of where food comes from and how it was produced. Buying influences, we can make them change and stop emitting. Use the land in carbon friendly ways. There is almost 8 billion of us, we need planet Earth.

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