Down to Earth

Watching the Netflix series “Down to Earth” inspired me to build a website about what we can do as individuals to prevent climate change.

So what can we do about global warming? From my understanding, the best thing we can do as individuals is become vegan. Another documentary on Netflix “Kiss the Ground” shows how our use of the land, and destruction of forests, is about 70% of the problem. Animal farming takes up much of the water we use. For a start, if we just rotated and periodically changed crops it would help with carbon big time. Growers might rotate crops if those were the only ones we bought, and stop killing animals for meat if we didn’t buy it. The individual as buyer can make a huge difference, in capitalist societies buyer is King.

Anyway “Down to Earth” reckons be aware of where your food comes from and how it was produced. Buying influences practices, we can make them change. Let’s become vegan rather than extinct, use the land in carbon friendly ways. There are almost 8 billion of us, we need planet Earth. I’d like to build a carbon free Amazon type website to connect buyers and sellers. I think such a website would compete with Amazon today so conscious the public is of global warming.

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