Visiting Melbourne again, for Christmas. Been here for a while and I usually post about significant events for memory, and ideas for  other coma victims.

Perhaps study helps recovery from coma. My mental functioning seems to be improving because of it, so much to remember. Not just memory but also logic. While I still don’t think I’ll pass nonetheless I’m on the road back to normality. We must try to be ourselves again. I think study is a good activity, mental provocation. My walking seems to be improving as well. Perhaps it’s because of the physical repetition at the gym, but I suspect the study also helps, the brain is becoming holistic again after re-routing.

There was a planned discussion group with friends at the Supper Club, a COSC as we call them (Club of Supper Club), the notes for my topic about AI below…

Early Greek philosophers Heraclitus, Socrates and Plato developed thought, Human Intelligence, can we now develop it further, in a more structured way for Artificial Intelligence? We have described two modes of thought, objective and subjective. Perhaps we can add detail to the subjective mode. Atomic theory is a good example of detail for the objective mode, it describes matter and I was wondering if a similarly detailed description could be devised for thought, for the benefit of Artificial Intelligence. Can we build a subjective computer.

Indeed human thought has progressed over the years with
Science, Politics, Education and many more subjectss of thought. AI must also account for human perception. We are immersed in the scientific and perceive through this system.

Love might require blood and a heart, an organic brain and can’t be truly implemented in AI. True love certainly requires self awareness.

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