When we cut a person’s DNA double helix, as it repairs itself we can force a change in their DNA through the RNA in a CRISPR enzyme. By editing the DNA code of an embryo you can dramatically change a person: the shape of their face, their IQ, height, propensity for cancer. The documentary Human Nature on Netflix explores this ability to play God.

Perhaps it’s good to understand human creation but not necessarily to change the code, except perhaps for disease prevention. The main character in the Netflix documentary said he wouldn’t be himself without his birth defects. He claimed to have learnt a lot by them including patience and trust. Other human qualities not to be underestimated or found in DNA.

Having created Artificial Intelligence we are now also conceiving of the human body as a computer, an immortal robot through nano technology. In the past we changed the bodies of farming animals through breeding. Eugenics by the Nazis sought to remove genes it didn’t like from the pool. By CRISPR we can change genes in the laboratory to create better humans according to what we now value. Another eugenics? I fear genetic manipulation may take the human out of human.




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