IMG_1375You can leave a comment on any page or post, there are several such  comments, but I was thinking of having a page dedicated to comments to encourage interaction. When you attempt to leave a comment WordPress asks for your email address but you don’t need to provide it. If you just click submit after typing your comment it will post, I made some changes to the settings and did a test comment which appears as ‘anonymous’ on this page…



5 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Videos are a great idea, Martin! That’s the next upgrade 🙂 We were extremely inspired and moved by the documentary, Coma, which was produced and directed by Lisa Garbus. It really underscored the fact that no two coma patients are alike, with the same timeline and trajectory for recovery. And there’s such a vast range of factors which influence the recovery process including the extent of the injury and damage, the duration and severity of the coma, the quality of post-TBI care and therapy, love and support from family and friends, the patient’s perseverance and determination to undergo physio and occupational therapy, etc. Mathew today walks without a stick and he’s exercising in the gym nearly everyday, running at 9km/h for 30 minutes in the first phase of his circuit routine, followed by 150 sit ups, weights and then more running. His recovery has been miraculous, from my perspective!

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  2. so I leave the first comment on this page, you don’t need to put in any of the requested details as I’ve stopped my site requiring any of them and it still posts… my walking continues to improve, every so slowly though, it is indeed like being a child again with the brain developing brand new pathways…


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