My walk got worse after the gym last week, after two visits, hopefully it’s getting close to the last bad turn as the brain adjusts. There has been many setbacks. It seems to be getting better but then it always takes a large step back. It’s been doing that since I left hospital. But I believe repetition helps the brain develop new pathways. I suspect that the only reason I can now walk badly is because of the gym, even if my stride has had setbacks we must be repetitive in our actions. Perhaps for hearing or other issues we need to practice and be repetitive too, if we are listening to the piano just always affirm mentally that indeed it is the piano. I watched the ‘coma’ documentary from the US and it described such issues for other coma victims, hearing and the like. I don’t believe I will ever be normal again just approaching it as I now am. Luckily enough for me my hearing or sight wasn’t effected but we don’t know what was, human perception is a subtle thing, as is the workings of the brain. We must make efforts. I can remember Christmas, a celebration of the birth of christ where all people represents christ and get presents. And so we give gifts to everyone we know, it’s life’s birthday. A new walking stick for me please.


  1. how about a shiny new conversation to help my brain, I’ve always needed that even before coma, only a little more after but these days I only need ideas as a safety net too… I have no idea…

  2. A shiny new walking stick will be waiting for you at the base of our Christmas tree…although these days, you only need it as a safety net…

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