We should simply stop all greenhouse gas emissions globally. Make all emitting activities illegal and force replacement technology. All accounts of global warming are catastrophic. If we don't want to go the way of the dinosaurs and become extinct we must take drastic action now, today. We are killing all life forms on the planet.


Watching the news just now I felt the need to make a public post for American readers to say that the only reason the US economy is doing well today is because of Obama. After the GFC he helped to restore the US economy and spent wisely unlike Trump. The US is about to descend... Continue Reading →


Greed is going to kill us, by war or consumption. We are consumers, prisoners of the economy, desiring profit, creating so much waste. A pregnant whale full of plastic washed up dead on a coast recently. Forget global warming, the planet may be saved by our suicide, we are creating so much garbage that soon... Continue Reading →


It's cold in Europe and the US right now because of wind from the Arctic. The irony of cold weather because of global warming. Indeed jet streams are changing by it. The weather fluctuates, the climate is changing. I don't think humans at large will wake up to the issue until we die off because... Continue Reading →


I hope Australians can become an international leader in the fight against global warming. The effects there have become undeniable. For a long time there has been drought, and rain which is also an effect. More moisture in the atmosphere through evaporation. On A+ TV I saw an article about a massive downpour in the... Continue Reading →


I'm trying to imagine a replacement for plastic, so much garbage in the world today. Perhaps 3d printing can help? To re-use materials and also stuff that can biodegrade. If we don't do something soon the whole planet will become a giant garbage tip, even now we can see it. Often there is homeless people... Continue Reading →


An important issue facing humanity, global warming. I'm certain it will be the first thing on people's minds soon as human extinction becomes recognised as the inevitable result. Nothing can be done today as the problems will escalate for at least 100 years when we stop emitting carbon dioxide. It's quite hopeless, we need to... Continue Reading →


The US hurricane Florence, like those of Harvey and Irma, is more devastating because of Climate Change. Not to mention the super typhoon about to hit the Philippines, Hong Kong and Asia. Weather is now the headline article for news  as it has become more intense because of global warming. Web link On November 6,... Continue Reading →


The temperature reached 48 degrees celcius in Spain and Portugal recently, into the 40's in most of Europe. In my time there it almost never reached 30 in London. They say it will soon regularly make it into the 50's in the most populated country in the world, China. Soon all places in the world... Continue Reading →


While visiting my mother in Paynesville I attended a U3A (University of the 3rd age) discussion group my father regularly attended before his passing. It is concerned with current affairs. So I raised these three topics, it was my father's job there to manage the discussion. 1. Global Warming Caused by burning fossil fuels -... Continue Reading →


The link above acknowledges that the UK and the Arctic have swapped temperatures, further evidence of global warming? We are living during a time of changing weather, as confirmed by it's increased news coverage. The Earth's weather was more predictable before we changed the climate by our carbon dioxide emissions. Apparently stratospheric winds caused by... Continue Reading →


The actuality of global warming can no longer be denied. Indeed I have said it before several times on this blog, we will soon see very dramatic effects. Perhaps within 10 years I wrote, I made that comment 1 year ago. The planets climate has already started to dissipate. Two recent storms in the US,... Continue Reading →


The effects of pollution are pronounced in Hong Kong, the sky has disappeared. There is a permanent smog overhead, and something of a consequent drizzle, you can almost see the smog when walking through it at ground level. I think I have seen something on the news about pollution issues here in China, to see... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong

Well I finally got to go again to one of my favourite places in this world, the airport. People in airports are suspended, their reality is about to change. Going there I thought about the over population of the world, the traffic jams of Singapore are becoming extreme. I am now in possibly the most... Continue Reading →


I recently watched the film 'an inconvenient truth', I might have seen it before coma. Global warming is now causing downpours, an idea in the film. Many people have seen it, if you haven't I regard it as a must see. Scientifically it proves global warming, absolutely nobody could challenge the fact that global warming... Continue Reading →


Thought to research online the effects of global warming to prove to myself the suspicion that global warming was producing erratic weather. News reports over the past few year inform us that countries and regions have been experiencing massive downpours and changed weather. Indeed scientists suggest that weather patterns will change with global warming. I don't think... Continue Reading →


  I just saw a program reviewing the international conference in Paris on climate change. My word the ex Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd proved his intelligence again in this conference, a good man. He was asked a question would politicians respond, I thought of an answer, that politicians are voted for and represent people,... Continue Reading →


A concept for a sequel to 'Space Odyssey 2001' and 'Transcendence', both films depict the arrival of artificial intelligence and describe the relationship between consciousness and matter. The material world versus the non material world. The world of objects versus the world of thought. For both films consciousness is the product of electrical signals in... Continue Reading →


I used to think about global warming constantly, and today. The disastrous effects of humanity on the planet earth. I mean are we really so self destructive? Should we continue to use coal and petrol for our power and destroy our planet? We are inventing alternatives all the time. Let's continue to live a little... Continue Reading →


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