imagesThe actuality of global warming can no longer be denied. Indeed I have said it before several times on this blog, we will soon see very dramatic effects. Perhaps within 10 years I wrote, I made that comment 1 year ago. The planets climate has already started to dissipate. Two recent storms in the US, Harvey and Irma, are symbolic of the planets future, and it will become much worse. Perhaps it was fitting that the storms occured in the US as they don’t believe in climate change. Maybe when the death toll from it reaches 1 billion they might admit it as they seem to have a fascination with billion, the billionaire doesn’t believe in climate change and wants to burn more coal with no concern for carbon dioxide emissions. Climate change is a hoax by the Chinese he says, and he also pulled the US out of the global climate change agreement made in Paris, the effects are indeed global Donald…


595afcc9-0e50-470b-ba15-f322eab4f078And humans are soon going to Mars. I think the only way for us to save our planet from global warming and the like is to evolve and move away from our monetisation of everything we know. Then perhaps we can take our place in the universe as the species from the blue planet in the solar system where they call the bright light the sun. I think we should start emphasising existence and experience for human beings rather than always reducing our abstractions to money. Indeed money was a useful and necessary metaphor for us, a third dimensional creature, and it has helped us to evolve as far as we have but we can now go beyond primitive man to ultimately interact with other life in this universe.

And for fellow coma victims, I think Thai massage helps incredibly as it stimulates the brain for various body sensations although the brain also seems to be remembering my defects from before coma, most notably tinnitus. The ringing in my left ear has returned. I can even remember tinnitus as it bothered me greatly.


imageThe effects of pollution are pronounced in Hong Kong, the sky has disappeared. There is a permanent smog overhead, and something of a consequent drizzle, you can almost see the smog when walking through it at ground level. I think I have seen something on the news about pollution issues here in China, to see the trouble first hand makes it an indisputable fact. Really nothing like it in Germany or Australia, only a little in Singapore but extreme in Hong Kong. As a collective we need to take some action before it’s too late for the planet and human survival. The iPhone weather app always said Hong Kong was sunny but there was never even the hint of a blue sky, the app looks at satellite data. And I thought I could live anywhere in the world, save me from Hong Kong. I’ve been here for 4 days and now and no sign of sky or stars, depressing. Just thinking about pollution and the future, my experiences in Hong Kong is in fact our future if we don’t take the necessary action… the photo I used above is taken from… link

Hong Kong

La Corba

Well I finally got to go again to one of my favourite places in this world, the airport. People in airports are suspended, their reality is about to change. Going there I thought about the over population of the world, the traffic jams of Singapore are becoming extreme. I am now in possibly the most populated country on this planet, China. Global warming is taking hold, we are no longer hunter gathers or moved about by horse and cart. I travelled here firstly by taxi and then aeroplane, my word our command of the physical has developed, aliens would however think we’re old fashioned. I am inadvertently contributing to the problem of green house gasses and looking forward to the day when ‘beam me up Scotty’ become a reality. But I’m now in China, I have been to some of it before, not all because it’s a big country, but a little. I’m looking forward to visiting that tapas restaurant again from the last time, a year ago. It’s a little further from our hotel this time. Ah, back to my life of the past and before coma, travel. It’s so good to see how other people on earth live, perhaps I will adopt some of their things that I find special, their actions and endeavours, whatever I can understand from being in China.


img_0264Recently watched the film ‘an inconvenient truth’, I might have seen it before as a couple of posts on this blog talk of very similar things. For example that global warming is effecting the weather and causing downpours, that was also expressed in the film. I have forgotten if I watched this film before coma, but at least I still remember global warming which must have troubled me. I’m sure many people have seen the film, if you haven’t seen it in my opinion it’s a must see. Scientifically it proves global warming, absolutely nobody could challenge the fact that global warming is happening and is caused by human activity. My twin brother says I should stop flying around the world to cease contributing to green house gases. Perhaps he is right but I couldn’t imagine a bigger sacrifice for me right now. It would only be a drop in the ocean but we need such actions from all people, we need to take climate change seriously. It clearly is time for drastic action. If only Al Gore became president maybe this problem wouldn’t have developed as much as it has. Instead we choose to focus on other things like money, politics, elections, terrorism, sport etc, there isn’t very much about climate change on the news now given the Paris conference on climate change has ended. For global warming not to be man’s primary concern is actually suicidal for the human species. I think that global warming will dramatically alter our planet and it will make it extremely difficult for humans to survive. Many species have already become extinct because of climate change, soon polar bears will be added to the list, eventually human beings too. Coma is actually trivial by comparison, when humans become extinct coma will end.


stormyI just thought to research online the effects of global warming to prove to myself the suspicion that global warming was producing erratic weather. News reports over the past few year inform us that countries and regions have been experiencing massive downpours and changed weather. Indeed scientists suggest that weather patterns will change with global warming. I don’t think that the news has changed through communications and now reports things that it previously didn’t but climate change is actually happening now. It appears our damage to the planet is snowballing, I actually think that within the next ten years humanity will see and experience more dramatic climate changes, it will threaten earthly life. The internet gives us so much information and it’s important to be informed about things like this, things that may destroy our planet…


img_0256I just saw a program reviewing the international conference in Paris on climate change. My word the ex Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd proved his intelligence again in this conference, a good man. He was asked a question would politicians respond, I thought of an answer, that politicians are voted for and represent people, will humanity respond? Perhaps we humans can change and stop destroying the planet. Personally I think the solution will be discovered in technology as he said. When we discover a better way to store energy we will be able to take advantage of the energy we are surrounded by. Energy like solar, wind and in the environment, also in particles like atoms, I’m not talking about nuclear as it’s known today, look up “entanglement theory” on the Internet. We need to start thinking about our own personal effects on the climate, when we buy things consider if it can be degraded in nature as garbage and whether its production was Carbon neutral. When we travel anywhere what is the effect on climate. Perhaps ultimately we will just destroy the planet and our species will become extinct.


IMG_1558A concept for a sequel to ‘Space Odyssey 2001’ and ‘Transcendence’, both films depict the arrival of artificial intelligence and describe the relationship between consciousness and matter. The material world versus the non material world. The world of objects versus the world of thought. For both films consciousness is the product of electrical signals in the brain which can be replicated in computers and consciousness can live in computers. I believe that thought is a fundamental part of existence independent of matter. As humans we are ultimately confined to our observations which holds us back from perceiving alternate realities, seeing is believing they say. We have not yet met alien life and are trapped within human beliefs. Thought in fact has its own ontological status independent of matter. The thought domain exists separate to the physical domain, it is real, I might say thinking is believing. It exists in its own space with the non physical phenomena it describes. So what do I imagine for the sequel to ‘Transcendence’? Once the consciousness of Dr. Will Caster has been transferred to the computer at his death, having access to all human knowledge through technology, this consciousness arrives at another unanswerable question known to all artificially intelligent beings. Something like ‘the cat sat on the mat’, which mat it thinks and so descends into human thought. AI finds this question equally baffling to what humans have called god today. Science has discovered profound things about the universe with ‘entanglement theory’ and is also considering the possibility of time travel. Science today is evaluating the source of existence. Ideas of science like ‘entanglement theory’ prove that particles created in the same event remain connected over vast distances. That connection travels faster than the speed of light or any mode known to man. Instantaneous perhaps although a vast distance apart, maybe the same material object, a sequel, like me an identical twin.


IMG_0469I used to think about global warming constantly, and today. The disastrous effects of humanity on the planet earth. I mean are we really so self destructive? Should we continue to use coal and petrol for our power and destroy our planet? We are inventing alternatives all the time. Let’s continue to live a little longer until the aliens arrive. A NASA study, the link of which I put on this site, says we are heading towards irreversible change. Obviously we are moving towards dramatic climate change, every indicator is pointing towards it’s global effects. There are so many people today we can’t just continue to grow. It would be extremely unintelligent of humankind not to acknowledge the changes our civilisation has had on the planet, which are evident for all to see. I like our music, art, ballet, literature, etc… we create, that is truly human, not the economy and poverty it’s manifestation. Why persist towards our end rather than focus on the best elements of our species. Another latte my friend, can’t hurt except for the production of everything that we use for a coffee today.

irreversible change

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