Well it’s my home city Melbourne, where my immediate family live. Now I’m in Paynesville with my mum, a nice place, the best place in the world according to my father. I took a short walk home from the shop today. For most people a 5 minute stroll but it took me more than an hour. So fellow coma victims there are so many ups and downs, my walking is a good example. A short time ago I thought my walking was about to improve once and for all but then it deteriorated again. It seems I’m back at day one. Well not exactly as I’m no longer in a hospital bed or wheelchair, but day one of learning to walk again.

Everytime my wife and I visit Melbourne we go to St Paterick’s Cathederal which was excellent again last week. A world class church, the best in Australia I think.



Well I’m back to my favorite place in the old town of Melbourne, time to resume my writing, I’ve been coming to this particular place for years, it’s now called Siglo previously the Supper Club. It’s lost none of it’s charm, maybe we can catch up here to remember the past. You’ll have to prompt me. A place to enjoy my first cigarette of the year. I don’t need them anymore but an old writers habit, a drag to help one reflect.

Ho Chi Minh


Travelling again, another trip to Vietnam. Ho is very close to home, less than a  2 hour flight. Vietnam is one of my favourite countries in Asia although I like all of them in this region. For me Asia is better than my home country Australia because I suspect that many Aussies have doubts about otherness given the boat people policies there. Some people seeking freedom by traveling in boats to Australia are put in prison or desolate places. People in Australia should just celebrate life like they do here. Quite a profound experience again the war remnants museum. Deplorable human actions of the past continue, now in Syria, Iraq etc. Agression is central to humans. Agent orange was devastating and we still use chemical weapons. Probably some of the boat people came from Vietnam, there has been so much suffering in this country.


I travelled today to Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Time again to make records of my life so I don’t forget. I was recently burned, it took me three days to remember how but not everything. This blog helps me very often with recollection, as I’ve said before outsourcing memory can be helpful. Well I’ve been to Japan recently, Osaka, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Kyoto, trying to remember. I suspect that about covers it and now for somewhere new but I’ve drunk the beer, Sapporo. Indeed the world is an interesting place when one goes from tropical heat to the snow of Sapporo, very slippery for walking though. The last time I had so much trouble walking on ice was in Krofdorf Germany visiting my uncle once for Christmas.


img-20180218-wa00043433440549192273050.jpgHome again to Singapore after 5 days in Ubud Bali, not for too long, Japan again in two weeks and then I’m thinking Australia. The drive to the airport from Ubud was great, it gave me a better look at Bali which I like all over, even the roadside villages. The people seem most artistic, there are many sculpture places and fine art studios that you can buy from. It seems creativity is a way of life for the Balinese. I also observed substantial intellect from the locals, I can’t remember now what made me think that but indeed Indonesia is an expansive country with hundreds of islands.



We went to see a Balinese dance last night, “the Mahabarata”, an old Hindi story I was once interested in. Balinese dance is renowned and focuses on other things compared to western dance, eye and finger movement. Many of these movements should be looked for in the performance, eyes are difficult from beyond row 10, we were in the first row. Watching it I couldn’t perceive a story from the dance, just movement. Dances can be emotionally expressive but this was not as far as I could tell. I was happy for dinner when the ballet finished. When the dancers held swords it was a little easier to understand.



Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. We’ve been here before, I like it. Ubud is quite different to the Bali beach holiday popular in Australia, it has old world charm with temples. Still overrun with tourists you must use your imagination to try and depart the western world. But it has cues to make such an escape easier, temples, old buildings, and the monkeys here in monkey forrest are also trying to escape. I should mention we went to a Sufi gathering here where I tried to whirl again thinking it might help my balance but couldn’t do it. I used to whirl at a Sufi gathering in Melbourne years ago.