Travel again, Ubud Bali. On a tour we stopped for a 'luwak' coffee peculiar to Indonesia. A type of cat, a luwak, eats Arabic coffee beans for caffeine and then shits out the beans. The Indonesians liked the coffee the beans made after luwak ingestion and luwak coffee was born. It's become famous. Cat shit [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Thailand again, feels like I haven’t traveled for ages, it’s been maybe 2 months. The London global warming protests suggest to ban air travel until it uses renewables. I think travel is the one thing I couldn’t sacrifice, oh well extinction here we come. I believe travel helps coma victims, something [...]


I'm in the habit now of outsourcing my memory, in case I descend into another coma. When I say outsource I mean the internet, my blog and Google calendar. So in case you forget again, as you always do, you went to Ubud 6/2/1019 - 10/2/2019. Bali is impressive, into the arts and subtleties of [...]


My word Bangkok has changed since I first came here more than 30 years ago. My memory that can't be trusted anymore has it that in those days old women would be cooking food on the street charging virtually nothing to a tourist, maybe 20 BAHT for one of my favourite dishes, som tum. And [...]

Ho Chi Minh

Here again, it's close to home and a great place despite the arduous task of flying these days. The number of queues and passport checks at Singapore airport is incredible. I previously liked airports thinking everyone there was going to a new reality, they still are but the journey and customs checks are becoming tiresome. [...]


I like Singapore more than Melbourne, home is a good place to be. Singapore is multicultural, both cities are but Singapore is a little more I think. Tolerance is something I respect about a city. Not to discredit my city of birth but Australia is a little racist given the way it treats immigrants, boat [...]


Back to my favourite hotel in Melbourne's Chinatown, another round of recollections. I typically stay in this hotel in Melbourne, my walking seems to be worse than before, difficult just now crossing the lane to the hotel. I'm starting to wonder if my gait with ever improve. At least I can walk again, many coma [...]


More and more recollections. Now I'm in Redhill where my other sister lives, and my older brother nearby. There was a Christmas dinner here ages ago in which I managed the cooking. Not very well but I used to enjoy cooking they tell me. Another thing to relearn. Redhill has expansive wilderness, very natural and [...]


More recollections, now at my sister's home, a place I've lived many times since around 1985. I actually helped with the renovations, and the huge garden, so many memories. Actually most people here think my memory is normal, perhaps marginally lesser. Indeed they would know having collected me from Thailand in coma, bringing me back [...]