I travelled today to Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Time again to make records of my life so I don't forget. I was recently burned, it took me three days to remember how but not everything. This blog helps me very often with recollection, as I've said before outsourcing memory can be helpful. Well I've been to... Continue Reading →


Home again to Singapore after 5 days in Ubud Bali, not for too long, Japan again in two weeks and then I'm thinking Australia. The drive to the airport from Ubud was great, it gave me a better look at Bali which I like all over, even the roadside villages. The people seem most artistic,... Continue Reading →


We went to see a Balinese dance last night, "the Mahabarata", an old Hindi story I was once interested in. Balinese dance is renowned and focuses on other things compared to western dance, eye and finger movement. Many of these movements should be looked for in the performance, eyes are difficult from beyond row 10,... Continue Reading →


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. We've been here before, I like it. Ubud is quite different to the Bali beach holiday popular in Australia, it has old world charm with temples. Still overrun with tourists you must use your imagination to try and depart the western world. But it has cues to make such an escape easier,... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow coma victims, as I've said before I suspect travel is very good for us. What I really mean is to do the things like we did before coma, stay active. Travel also presents the unusual which can be challenging, we need to be challenged. I'm in AoNang Thailand for another Christmas, at least... Continue Reading →


Returning to my old life before coma we are traveling again, this time Tokyo. I've been here before but can't remember which is the most pleasant thing about my condition, to revisit places anew. I have forgotten the way back to the hotel when overseas but always worked it out eventually, let's see if I... Continue Reading →

Luang Prabang

We're traveling again, this time to one of my favourite cities in all of Asia - Luang Prabang, Laos. Another good test for my memory as I've been here many times before coma, not since. An old French colonial town with a great restaurant of that cusine by recollection. Lots of temples (wats) and Buddhist... Continue Reading →

Ao Nang

Last month I returned to my home of birth Melbourne, on Tuesday I went to my actual home, Singapore, not to leave it at that I now return to my spiritual home, Aonang in Thailand. The place I proposed to my wife, we've been here many times together. My home of origin - my parents... Continue Reading →


I always post when traveling for memory, so again I do, I've been in Melbourne for a bit now and staying a month to stimulate recollection, it is working a little I think. I can remember recent visits here walking along certain roads, but not really the distant past. I have a new life today,... Continue Reading →


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