I went yesterday to a LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transexual) conference called IDAHOBIT (International day against Homophobia Bi-phobia Transphobia) held in Singapore. We humans are so determined to make universal our beliefs, even our feelings of love, I hope we can get past this dogma. The organiser is a good  friend of mine, the issues are fundamental and profound. Why a person can’t love absolutely anybody is deplorable. There was also a film shown and presentations by great people were made. The woman who spoke was excellent, she was transgender, and beautiful. The film ‘Bent’ was shown which seemed to focus … Continue reading Togetherness 


The first line of a poem I wrote,  “A leaf falls, loneliness”, can’t remember the rest. Recovery from coma seems interminable. It’s been three years now, sure I’m no longer confined to bed, in a wheelchair or walking frame, but it’s been like it is now for two years and no substantial improvement. They told me in hospital it wouldn’t get better, perhaps I should have stayed in institutional care and given up my hopes of independent life again. They told me it’s not going to improve except through time, they said time was my best friend. So true, my … Continue reading Loneliness 


Solitude is an excellent thing, gives one time to think about all things. So I am in Raffles place right now, not trusting anything from my head but one can’t stop it, thought. I guess it defines us, human beings, thought. It apparently separates us from the animal kingdom, our mistake. Giraffes are great thinkers. Human writers think all the time, some of them do it amazingly well, Kafka come to mind… Continue reading Solitude