My last post is about ESP which considers religion and consciousness. I think Shiva, God, Buddha, Allah, all religions exist in the thought domain, the non material world, consciousness. Like modern science I believe consciousness exists in its own right, thoughts have a non physical existence. Good and evil exist, the gods too. Indeed good [...]


Many news services of late have reported an increase in suicide. We are becoming more aware of mental health and so I consider. On CNN it was suggested a reason for this increase was difficulty communicating, "suffer in silence" they said. Indeed the western world has always been individualistic. Identity was established in Human Intelligence [...]


Religion like science has concepts of infinity. Our thoughts don’t arrive at a boundary, we've applied such logic to the material world. The universe is infinite they say. Indeed we are limited to this third dimensional logic from which science is derived. Science is provable by experiment, repetition, but experiments conceived by 3rddimensional logic, perhaps [...]


Alabamba's recent anti abortion laws in the US are wrong as children die at the countries border trying to escape persecution. Many have been aborted there, hardly pro life. The US Supreme Court's decision Roe versus Wade gave women the right to abortion. That right is a valid interpretation of the constitution. Personally I think [...]


Carl Jung said "The decisive question for man is: Is he related to something infinite or not? ... If we understand and feel that here in this life we already have a link with the infinite, desires and attitudes change.” Jung suggests when humans realise we are part of the infinite we will change. I [...]


It is a profound event today, the Pope visiting Abu Dhabi, close to the home of Islam. All religions express a fundamental human aspiration, goodness, it's appropriate for them to come together. Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sufism, Catholicism, Islam, there are so many human religions. Indeed God, Allah and Buddha exist, presently at the very least [...]


Karl Heinz Rudolf Homberger My father Heinz has moved on to the next world but lived in two worlds during his life, Germany and Australia. His own father Richard died a soldier in France, his mother Sofie died in 1991, his sister Ushi in 2006, and his brother Richard died the very same day he [...]


My father will soon pass away which has prompted me to consider life again. He was a good man. Always a very hard worker and a spiritual man but questioned formal religion in his last days and chose Eckankar. I would say a spiritual man but not academic. After a gradual deterioration over the last [...]


I went to a Tao, Buddhist and Confucianist group recently which aspired to elevate human consciousness. Apparently there have been Tao people in the past that have demonstrated the way for us to escape reincarnation and better understand reality, the Buddha was one. Indeed the order wasn't at all steeped in formal religion but suggested [...]