It's hard to use words like 'before' or 'after' if time doesn't exist as science suggests. Perhaps I should rather use the metaphor simultaneously. Simultaneously with consciousness 'altered consciousness' came about. Science theorises that consciousness is a fundamental of the universe and 'altered consciousness' represents our individualism, human identity. We are 'altered consciousnesses' derived from … Continue reading Metaphor


Religion like science has concepts of infinity. Our thoughts don’t arrive at a boundary, we've applied such logic to the material world. The universe is infinite they say. Indeed we are limited to this third dimensional logic from which science is derived. Science is provable by experiment, repetition, but experiments conceived by 3rddimensional logic, perhaps … Continue reading Religion


Alabamba's recent anti abortion laws in the US are wrong as children die at the countries border trying to escape persecution. Many have been aborted there, hardly pro life. The US Supreme Court's decision Roe versus Wade gave women the right to abortion. That right is a valid interpretation of the constitution. Personally I think … Continue reading Abortion


My father will soon pass away which makes me consider life. He was a good man. Always hard working and spiritual but questioned formal religion and chose Eckankar. I would say a spiritual man. After a gradual deterioration over the last 5 years he is in hospital again after stroke, I will go to Melbourne.


I went to a Tao, Buddhist and Confucianist group recently which aspired to elevate human consciousness. Apparently there have been Tao people in the past that have demonstrated the way for us to escape reincarnation and better understand reality, the Buddha was one. Indeed the order wasn't at all steeped in formal religion but suggested … Continue reading Tao


Watching CNN recently there was a program called ‘believer’ which considered L Ron Hubbard’s scientology. What interests me about the religion is the belief in reincarnation and also that we originate from aliens. That and an activity called ‘auditing’, perhaps as significant to scientology as confession to catholics. For Hubbard the purpose of auditing was … Continue reading Scientology