1501326819097-860fa890-5ca5-4c9c-85b0-ecda5e14e9bfThere are several posts here by the title, ‘recovery’, this will be the last. I now have a date for my recovery from coma, my father’s funeral 30/7/2017. It would have been unthinkable during my time in hospital for me to write and delivery a speech to so many people and also to try and answer their obscure questions. My father’s remembrance acknowledged a most excellent life. I think I have posted the very eulogy I delivered, not exactly,  I ad-libbed. It was indeed a celebration of a life well lived. To hear other speeches about him also stimulated my memory, I could remember his honesty and sincerity that all spoke of. I thought to include a link where my speech is in the first video . . .

And this link about the other world. . .


I thought the only chance for human evolution might be aliens, but today we are changing through the internet and our creation of “distributed open trusted databases”. Physically we have evolved from amoeba to fish to man-apes to humans and intellectually we evolved when Socrates and Plato established human concepts of thought. Their use of the word ‘gnosis’ recognized a perceiver. We have now become dependent on the internet and businesses have been built by it, think Google, Facebook and Uber just to name a few. As with all things corporations are taking over so focussed on money we have become, but the internet still provides an opportunity to evolve. A Google internet search nowadays presents results according to Google’s preferences. The US election is an example, the results for a search on ‘Hilary email’ weren’t by the number of hits but an algorithm, in the time of Trump Facebook has become the source of fake news. I am waiting for a new search engine which, like Steemit, uses a ‘Distributed Open Trusted Database’ which presents search results according to your preferences. Maybe the number of hits or location or accuracy. The result to your search criteria might partly reside on any computer globally, shared resources with no server someone can control. No influence just data, an open way to access information, not determined by companies or interests. Today corporations might be controlling the data, mediating the search in hidden ways. Also there is crypto currency where we may even transcend money, the human interpretation of value. Instead we could focus on life and experience. I think life more valuable than money. Money is such a human abstraction, how much do you earn? rather are you happy? Sure we needed it for incentive to evolve to this point but maybe we can evolve further and go beyond competitive man as I’ve listed below. Indeed through artificial intelligence we have created machines that can think which has become our primary activity, perhaps inter-galactic man next?

Primitive Man
Thinking Man – Gnosis
Competitive Man – Money
Intelligent Man – Artificial


Science is confident that we will soon be able to time travel. I suspect one of the reasons religion is ubiquitous today is because in the future humans do learn to time travel. I’m not disputing that God exists, perhaps he does in the other dimension where time travel exists. Maybe in the past people have experienced visitations from future humans but couldn’t interact with them in a 3rd dimensional way. We cannot comprehend experiences that are not tangible. Indeed when we learn to time travel there will be no such thing as death. Time might only be a property of the 3rd dimension. I have often heard that time is the next dimension. My insomnia continues, the very next day I think there must be something to do so I continue to write this post. It’s just after 5am and I return to the local MRT coffee shop, lucky it’s open 24 hours. I think it was probably natural for primitive man to sleep 4 hours a time, with the development of our mental abilities and the creation of bedrooms, beds, blankets and employment et al our sleeping patterns changed to the 8 hours it is today. Probably our time traveling descendent’s know this. Indeed bed is warm and comfortable, wish I could return to an 8 hour sleep pattern, probably need a job to do that.


scientologuWatching CNN recently there was a program called ‘believer’ which considered L Ron Hubbard’s scientology. What interests me about the religion is the belief in reincarnation and also that we originate from aliens. That and an activity called ‘auditing’, perhaps as significant to scientology as confession to catholics. For Hubbard the purpose of auditing was to show a hypnotized person that their actions were derived from their past, of course, but the suggestion was more subtle than that. In the development of auditing Hubbard realized that people had lived many lives and that this past too influenced their actions. That was the first step. Having said all that I have been disturbed by scientology’s door knocking and street walking advocates. It seemed more like a business trying to expand rather than a religion, I’m not one. The CNN program also showed scientologists who had been excommunicated because of money they received from other followers not being forwarded to the central body. Suspicious. All I can say is good luck to the many people from all walks of life that follow scientology. I wouldn’t be surprised if we originated from another planet though, quite likely I suspect, but then again it all points to humans evolving from monkeys, or another theory from dolphins when the waters receded. But I believe in aliens…


Plato.jpegThe issues confronting the world today as we move towards a global government are symptomatic of human evolution I think, so interested we are globally in the outcomes of the US election. In the time of Plato his theory of forms suggested that to see wasn’t merely the act of observation but also of knowledge, gnosis, to know. That word represents non material observation. That was our last significant leap forward I believe. It gave us the modern world of thought, education, politics, art… I think human thought is changing again. Perhaps todays populist movements of Brexit and Trump provide a clue, the collective is taking charge. Having said that the United States is going to prevent muslim immigration creating an us versus them mentality, hardly evolution. It’s terrible whats happening in Syria right now. Maybe we’ll have a new understanding of immigration and care for all human beings, for existence and life, when we evolve. I think we live in a very important period in history, so here are my thoughts.

We should move away from the human invention of money, economic value is such an abstraction from reality. We are also destroying our planet and climate change should be our focus. Space and science offer much and can possibly solve the global warming problem too. Space might discover another world we can live on and other intelligent life, actually I suspect we have already interacted with aliens. On Mars we will be able to focus on life itself, there will be no room left for human mundanities. And science might be able to alter particles that cause global warming, remove the carbon from the atoms. Sciences entanglement theory and 3D printing are profound. They say we will soon be able to travel time. Then there is technology, the internet provides us with the ability to share information immediately. Soon Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide us its precise evaluation, it already does. Indeed there is so much for us to discover in the universe we only need to evolve before we become extinct by our own hand.


595afcc9-0e50-470b-ba15-f322eab4f078And humans are soon going to Mars. I think the only way for us to save our planet from global warming and the like is to evolve and move away from our monetisation of everything we know. Then perhaps we can take our place in the universe as the species from the blue planet in the solar system where they call the bright light the sun. I think we should start emphasising existence and experience for human beings rather than always reducing our abstractions to money. Indeed money was a useful and necessary metaphor for us, a third dimensional creature, and it has helped us to evolve as far as we have but we can now go beyond primitive man to ultimately interact with other life in this universe.

And for fellow coma victims, I think Thai massage helps incredibly as it stimulates the brain for various body sensations although the brain also seems to be remembering my defects from before coma, most notably tinnitus. The ringing in my left ear has returned. I can even remember tinnitus as it bothered me greatly.



I must include the above link as it shows that others too consider the consequences of entanglement theory. I have written about it and also about the near death experience (NDE), in particular the double split experiment for entanglement theory. The link above considers the same, I didn’t copy the ideas. The double slit experiment of entanglement tells us that if you change the polarity of a particle another particle is changed simultaneously despite distance if they were created in the same event, it has been proven on Earth. My twin brother sent me the link above which expands upon these subjects, I have posted about them several times here on this blog and also said that the non-material world is as real as the material world. Indeed the link questions which world comes first, the chicken or the egg, matter requires perception to exist these scientists suggest. In fact the article claims that we can redefine the universe to be consciousness itself rather than matter. As the saying goes we exist in a puff of logic.


Illusion Of MindMy wife is about to start a PHD at a most interesting institution, the ‘university of metaphysics’. It seems to express ideas similar to those that I often consider on this site, the cerebral domain as opposed to the physical domain. The university suggests that now there is a resurgence in thought, metaphysical thinking. I will look at the subjects she studies closely and perhaps I too will study again. The university mentions some great names in their description, for example Jung, metaphysical thinkers of the past. Perhaps humanity will again focus on the other reality, indeed as they say deep thought has offered much to our species, especially this kind of thinking. They also suggest that maybe metaphysics has a place again in the new world of technology. Transfer me to AI and bring on the technological entity. It seems I’m not alone in my thinking. A link to their website… link


imageI’m back home, at the MRT coffee shop reflecting on recent events in my life, and also on humanities thinking. I can talk of facts in my life but can only try and get at the truth for the collective there are so many things to consider for humans, belief is central. For my part I’ve returned home from Thailand and celebrated my wife’s birthday yesterday the culmination of which was a family dinner at Jumbo. For the species I’ve been thinking about belief again, or human thought. We have science which people would say represents fact, observable events in the universe, science like ‘entanglement theory’, indeed we know much more about existence nowadays. Scientifically we have explored sub-atomic particles and have made remarkable progress. Science does actually hint at the magic of the universe or belief given entanglements suggestion that particles created in the same event can communicate instantaneously despite distance, change the polarity in one and it changes immediately in the other even if they are light years apart. We also have belief, as I have always said human thought is as real as the material world, it’s only that we haven’t yet defined particles to account for that discrete reality. We have always marvelled at life, maybe Jesus represents the wonderment that we live with and is an expression of that. But we have now chosen science and technology as our focus, in the past we chose belief, just a different metaphor in my mind. To explore belief, there have been Near Death Experiences (NDE)  so similar that NDE must allude to another kind of fact. There are many unexplainable experiences in human life, like NDE, psychics, mind reading… I am quite certain of the magic in life and the universe through science and belief, evidence abounds. In Thailand I was told of a man  who during an operation felt cold while under anaesthetic and saw a light and thought he should go there for warmth. A nurses said we’ve lost him and he said no I’m still here but the nurse couldn’t hear, then another voice said he must go back and then he felt cold again but survived the operation. NDE’s are quite a common event. The ‘National Geographic’ of April 2016 has an article about NDE called ‘The Crossing’ which in the beginning says “…he was dead for more than an hour and a half, days later he left a hospital alive and well. His story is one of many prompting scientists to question the very meaning of death.” I include the link to that national geographic article below, it is a good read maybe merging my two issues of fact and belief or human thought…Humans must survive global warming first, perhaps we can survive anyway and there is no death. A link to that page… link


spaceI think that like the atoms of the material world thought is also a stuff of the universe, existent. When we die our consciousness enters this global thought domain, the non physical domain of the universe. Total knowledge is there so ofcourse we know of our own past existence, as we know of everything that transpired within the universe, but now we are a part of the global domain of thought. We know of everyone’s existence as we merge with total knowledge, universal knowledge. You might say we cease to exist but we always have existed and always will. Time is not apparent there, existence is the thing.


transferenceOur understanding of what we can see in the universe is profoundly changing, we acknowledge now the atoms and stuff of the universe only makes up perhaps 5% and there is dark matter that the new Large Hadron Collider can tell us about. All this until we discover the next particle. We also believe there is more than three dimensions. Maybe we will describe thought in this way, as a dimension. It’s an interesting time to be alive.

Science is taking off. We are truly becoming global with the likes of CNN, BBC etc and going beyond parochial meanings. It’s a profound time to be alive. I think humans can be more accepting of the differences in people today. Probably time travel will be next, just a conversation with my future self, beam me up Scotty. The only reason I add the following is to include human endeavour in this post, something like music. Particles are a division of joy – Joy Division – which was the music I was listening to when I wrote.


transcendSomething of a typical hollywood film about a subject originally explored by Stanely Kubric’s art house film ‘space odyssey 2001’, both films depict the birth of the technological entity. In space odyssey there was HAL and then in transcendence a human, dr Will Caster’s consciousness is transported into technology on his deathbed. Some boring human plots emerge in transcendence but it was so focussed on the human brain that it reminded me of coma, like a computer I have been rebooted. Through technology I can remain in touch with biological entities, if this blog is ever read. I travel a bit and find it difficult to be physically present but as a technological entity can keep abreast of issues and people wherever I am. I’m constantly plugged in to the Internet nowadays with my iPhone and Mac, in my blog I express myself, my ideas. Maybe I too am becoming a technological entity. One lives in hope. Watch both films and maybe you’ll see what I mean. AI is already here, let’s move on from the mundane like measurement and the world of facts and leave all of that stuff to AI. Life feels special right now, looking about at people, I suspect we are on the verge of evolution. The only problem with AI is that it doesn’t intrinsically know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, AI needs to be told what to think of things, maybe it’s too soon for us to build a thinking machine. We don’t have the answers. Sure an evaluative machine, but perhaps not a soulful machine, perhaps we will need to improve our uses of cells and biological matter in computers for that…$G1Ref


aliens.jpegSomething I have been writing about alien life to contribute to a book soon to be published, just answers to 3 questions… the book will be published, the main author was ranked third for Internet sales on Amazon last week…


Question 1

Do you believe extraterrestrials are spiritual?

It is a consequence of any life form in this universe to be spiritual, so this is also true of extraterrestrials. Spirituality is a brute fact of life. It is true that we live in the physical  world, objects like tables, chairs, trees are there but it is also true that we live in the world of thought which also exists, in fact love is as much an existent of the universe as tables and chairs. Also it’s opposite hate exists, murder. All emotions truly exist like the material world. The spirit experiences these emotions in a similar way to how our bodies experience the physical world. Our emotions reveal the spiritual domain to us, the spiritual domain certainly exists, aliens know this, all human beings know that love exists, we can feel love.

Humans have binary logic, up and down, left and right, life and death, it’s so often of an oppositional nature, the binary logic system. Perhaps aliens have a different system. We don’t know what form they take or where thought can exist. Perhaps it can also exist in something like what we call gas. We all know trees are alive, perhaps they haven’t developed consciousness yet. Maybe on other worlds they also experience love, for birds and the like. We can see life all around us, cats, dogs, perhaps unicorns, we are interested in life rather than tables and chairs.

Question 2

As a lightworker and/or a spiritualist, do you believe a communication with aliens is possible and at what level?

To meet and interact with aliens is certainly possible, when we do inevitably meet them, (have we already?) their meanings and systems of thought will be difficult for us to comprehend. We live in our own invented scientific truths that are a human construct through our own systems of logic, it is a lesser view of reality. We have described gravity and observable facts quite well, have invented science to objectify the world, but have not yet invented a method of description for the spiritual domain, except poetry and literature.. For the material world we have invented measurements like cm, mm, m etc to describe it but have not yet devised a system of description for the spiritual world. We will need to evolve and communicate more deeply to meet alien life forms. We may have in events like Roswell but have not evolved enough for our interaction with them to be made public.

Question 3

Assuming that extraterrestrials are capable of proving to us that the God of the Bible does not exist, and organised religions are not telling us the truth, will these revelations undermine or affect your faith in God and the Bible?

It will be made obvious by our interaction with aliens that life is the main project of existence in the entire universe. That life is equivalent to God, and aliens are an affirmation of existence, of life. The universe is in fact teeming with life. We are planning on going to Mars soon. We humans now have, among many theories,  entanglement theory, which establishes the instantaneous communication between particles that were created in the same event now  vast distances apart, perhaps light years. Our rather crass analysis of the universe is revealing to us the intricacies of atoms in the universe, one of the most basic forms of matter. Sure aliens may tell us that our story of life in the bible is just that, a story, but they will be affirming the existence of life and the spiritual throughout the universe. Another word for this in our human vocabulary is God, life and thought. Perhaps our thoughts and stories have a real status in thought, so the bible is kind of true for some humans, perhaps just true.