Blockchain and cryptocurrency... It seems AltCoin has had less interest than Bitcoin which may have become more controlled by the powers that be, or maybe not and both remain uncontrolled by government. Either currency might provide a truer exchange of value. It would prevent Trump's complaints about the Chinese manipulating currency exchange. For these new crypto... Continue Reading →


A few science documents on the web that consider consciousness and existence. So I don't lose them again I thought I should post them on my blog, My memory is quite bad so sometimes I can't find them... Quantum and Consciousness Quantum Entanglement Spooky Entanglement Matter reacts to Consciousness Free will


Often people in Melbourne challenge my thinking, and again, now on Artificial Intelligence (AI). I was thinking AI is merely the development of Human Intelligence (HI) minus the flaws. AI has access to the sum total of human knowledge recorded digitally and also that information's precise processing according to human systems, mathematics or medicine come... Continue Reading →


And humans are soon going to Mars. I think the only way for us to save our planet from global warming and the like is to evolve and move away from our monetisation of everything we know. Then perhaps we can take our place in the universe as the species from the blue planet in... Continue Reading →


Humanity is about to invent another wheel I suspect. The first wheel we invented made us evolve significantly and allowed us to develop civilization, cities, employment, travel, education, etc. I think of the plane as an extension of that wheel, and also the spaceship. I can only guess at what the next wheel might be. The most important invention since... Continue Reading →


And I have seen many news stories of late about diminishing employment, how there are fewer jobs today. I suspect humans won't need to work at all soon enough as AI and robots will be able to take care of all human needs. Robots will be able to grow human food, and cook it according... Continue Reading →

Consciousness I must include the above link as it shows that others too consider the consequences of entanglement theory. I have written about it and also about the near death experience (NDE), in particular the double split experiment for entanglement theory. The link above considers the same, I didn't copy the ideas. The double slit experiment... Continue Reading →


I suspect interacting with the modern world of technology is helping my recovery. Even something as simple as remembering passwords helps making my memory active, perhaps if I had been a farmer I would need to remember other simple things like which fertilizer. I do quite a lot here in cyberspace, the technology coffee shop for... Continue Reading →


I think we have overcome the need for telephone numbers. We only need an internet connection nowadays, through the net I can talk to anyone globally, even video call, I don't need to know their number. And then there is email etc. The SIM cards in our hand phones need only an internet connection. We will... Continue Reading →

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