Extrasensory Perception. I was interested in ‘Remote Viewing’ before coma, again. Remote Viewing is the ability to acquire information about a non-local place, person or event without using the physical senses. Our physical senses are controlled by the brain which anticipates.Our location is given immediacy by these physical senses.Remote Viewing uses a sixth sense which... Continue Reading →


There has been a lot of criticism on TV about social media but I don’t think it's the problem, users are. Sure there are privacy concerns but you can configure your account not to share information. The internet must be regarded as public where you shouldn't put anything you regard as private. We should take... Continue Reading →


As the internet has helped me trying to learn Python I thought to publish the answers to my first assignment so that it might help others. We often search for information, for me recently it's been how to code Python. I'm a beginner, perhaps these questions can be answered much better. So here's the assignment,... Continue Reading →


Walking the street or on the train everybody is on a phone these days. It seems as important to us as our arms and legs. It's all about communication, something we've always done but are taking to another level. We are taking an evolutionary leap forward through these devices, by them we are truly becoming... Continue Reading →


We humans should act collectively in the hope of change. There are several online organisations that hope to offer solutions to our many problems, for example Venus and EOS. Sure it’s been important for us humans to rally. Indeed many people perceive the various threats today, the biggest being global warming. Perhaps crypto currency offers a way  to... Continue Reading →


Blockchain and cryptocurrency... It seems AltCoin has had less interest than Bitcoin which may have become more controlled by the powers that be, or maybe not and both remain uncontrolled by government. Either currency might provide a truer exchange of value. It would prevent Trump's complaints about the Chinese manipulating currency exchange. For these new crypto... Continue Reading →


And humans are soon going to Mars. I think the only way for us to save our planet from global warming and the like is to evolve and move away from our monetisation of everything we know. Then perhaps we can take our place in the universe as the species from the blue planet in... Continue Reading →


Humanity is about to invent another wheel I suspect. The first wheel helped us develop significantly and allowed us to build civilisation, cities, employment, travel, education... etc. I think of the plane as an extension of that wheel, and also the spaceship. I can only guess at what the next wheel might be. The most important invention since the wheel was the computer,... Continue Reading →


And I have seen many news stories of late about diminishing employment, how there are fewer jobs today. I suspect humans won't need to work at all soon enough as AI and robots will be able to take care of all human needs. Robots will be able to grow human food, and cook it according... Continue Reading →


I have considered entanglement theory, the link below does the same. The double split experiment tells us that if you change the polarity of a particle another particle is changed simultaneously despite distance if they were created in the same event. A non material communication. My monozygotic twin sent me this link which expands... Continue Reading →


I suspect interacting with the modern world of technology is helping my recovery. Even something as simple as remembering passwords helps making my memory active, perhaps if I had been a farmer I would need to remember other simple things like which fertilizer. I do quite a lot here in cyberspace, the technology coffee shop for... Continue Reading →


I think we have overcome the need for telephone numbers. We only need an internet connection nowadays, through the net I can talk to anyone globally, even video call, I don't need to know their number. And then there is email etc. The SIM cards in our hand phones need only an internet connection. We will... Continue Reading →


My wife is about to start a PHD at a most interesting institution, the 'university of metaphysics'. It seems to express ideas similar to those that I often consider on this site, the cerebral domain as opposed to the physical domain. The university suggests that now there is a resurgence in thought, metaphysical thinking. I... Continue Reading →


I'm back home, at the MRT coffee shop reflecting on recent events in my life, and also on humanities thinking. I can talk of facts in my life but can only try and get at the truth for the collective there are so many things to consider for humans, belief is central. For my part I've... Continue Reading →


My wife gets more than 300 emails a day from work. We need to ask three questions before we send an email, we need to question the necessity of sending it to a person, is the message for one of the following reasons? action approval information It takes so much time to understand the content... Continue Reading →


Our understanding of what we can see in the universe is profoundly changing, we acknowledge now the atoms and stuff of the universe only makes up perhaps 5% and there is dark matter that the new Large Hadron Collider can tell us about. All this until we discover the next particle. We also believe there is... Continue Reading →


Something of a typical hollywood film about a subject originally explored by Stanely Kubric’s art house film 'space odyssey 2001', both films depict the birth of the technological entity. In space odyssey there was HAL and then in transcendence a human, dr Will Caster's consciousness is transported into technology on his deathbed. Some boring human... Continue Reading →


Something I have been writing about alien life to contribute to a book soon to be published, just answers to 3 questions. The book will be published, the main author was ranked third for Internet sales on Amazon last week... ------- Question 1 Do you believe extraterrestrials are spiritual? It is a consequence of any... Continue Reading →


I feel it's time to move on, there will be no more talk of hardship here, we can focus on such things, personal difficulties, but life is incredible. It seems that our species has progressed fundamentally, technology is obtaining new heights. We now have invented 3D printers that can print body parts. I still think... Continue Reading →

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