I recently became reacquainted with ‘the Venus Project’, something that interested me before coma. I’m thinking of volunteering as I believe it’s a solution for global warming. Its main project is human evolution, to establish an ideal society rather than the one we’ve created which is focussed on power. To provide for everyone by sharing... Continue Reading →


The recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton America represent a global problem. People in the technological age are becoming less empathetic, it’s too easy to remain anonymous rather than be a connected human being. Knife attacks are on the rise in the UK, as are expressions of violence globally. Perhaps partly a consequence of... Continue Reading →


P.O.Ws in Germany during world war 2 liked to sing “die gedanken sind frei” which translates your thoughts are free. It seems we have lost that sentiment by the actions taken against Julian Assange. I read the link below that suggests we were putting truth on trial through Assange. I actually think it’s worse, we... Continue Reading →


I might suggest to people not to buy anything made in the USA today as a means of protest about racism both in the country and at its border, and the many social justice issues there. They tell people not to buy from China. We should avoid all things American to express a voice of... Continue Reading →


Climate change is happening, scientists are unanimous, we must act. After World War 2 the USA became a global leader. There have been some wars since, we like to claim ownership of land, but no equivalent war. Through collectives like NATO America became leader of the free world. That's exactly what we need today as... Continue Reading →


Again the corruption of ideas as Julien Assange is imprisoned for exposing truth through WikiLeaks. What he wrote as a journalist was told to him by whistleblowers. He showed us notions of truth is often controlled by the powerful. For how much longer will humanity tolerate power? We should just acknowledge fact. This raises the... Continue Reading →


Trump's National Emergency declaration to build the Mexican border wall was laughable. He invents facts, clearly the leader of the free world is mentally unfit for office. I can't believe Americans elected him, I'm sure they now regret it. For him not to address this issue immediately suggests it's not an emergency. He waited 2... Continue Reading →


News bulletin's are considering "fake news" again and the influence of technology on the human world, the biological world. So much talk of algorithms. It seems to me that social media disseminates opinion. Opinion can be expressed on the street as well. Places like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter etc, it's just that our technological world is... Continue Reading →


A great speech by Macron, one of the best given of late by a world leader. Not just about the great war, but also about the future and the next generation. I hope we can live up to his ideas and become humans of the globe rather than parochial citizens of the nation state. Patriotism... Continue Reading →


Brexit is a bad idea as the World becomes more connected. I suspect the reason the English voted to leave the EU was for a return to glory days, the British Empire. The world is becoming more connected today because of the internet and travel. Separation is a backwards step. We are destroying the planet... Continue Reading →


Indicators are pointing to another Global Financial Crisis. Many smart economists are suggesting it's inevitable. Apparently it will be more severe than the last GFC in 2008, and will force us to re-evaluate human economy. Maybe we'll move past the use of money, cash, to assign value to everything. Maybe we will evolve. I think... Continue Reading →


Politics could now make every decision by the people because of technology, consider the many polls. If todays technology existed as politics emerged democracy would be very different, no elections. We don’t need elected representatives in government to vote on our behalf anymore, through technology we could vote ourselves and decisions could be made by the... Continue Reading →


Russia tried to influence the US election through cyber warfare. By using social media, Hillary's emails, hacking etc, Russia tried getting into the minds of Americans voters. This is denied by Trump who also denigrates NATO even though these partner countries lost soldiers defending US interests. While denying Russia influenced his own election he attempts... Continue Reading →


Immigration has become the main issue for Trump. The first thing to remember Donald is population growth. In my life it's gone from less than 4 billion to now more than 8. Soon enough there won't be enough land for all in adequate places with the necessary services. Also humans want to survive persecution. "America... Continue Reading →

Fake News

The thing that makes humans special is thought. There is an assumption that human thought often looks for truth, actually human thought is mostly interested in experience and not underlying truth, except for facts. Fact versus belief, or opinion. For facts there is the obvious, science tells us about the atom and Mars is a... Continue Reading →


News services like CNN and BBC are concerned about social media. Facebook influenced the election of Trump they say because Facebook sold private data to communicate with and influence voters. Apparently another company called "Caimbridge Analytica" was involved. This opinion might be considered fake news, only fact if they provide evidence for changed votes. The... Continue Reading →


So much for fake news, Trump is taking alternative facts the next level. There is news today of an unconfirmed meeting with the president of Canada (unconfirmed because they don't know if the meeting happened, he said it did) where Trump makes the false claim of a trade deficit with Canada. I suspect the real... Continue Reading →


As reported on CNN, Amnesty International is presently saying a big threat to human rights is the United States of America. I never thought I'd see the day that the US made their list of concerns. America's answer to the US gun problem is more guns, give guns to teachers and good people? They should... Continue Reading →


You must be a famous person to be president of the United States these days. CNN now reports Oprah Winfrey might be next, she would come after reality TV star Donald Trump, before him movie star Ronald Reagan. Probably the right thing for a country so focussed on the individual and during the time of... Continue Reading →


Indeed the recent public furore over Harvey Weinstein's sex abuse in Hollywood is making the world recognise that power has been used for sex. It has happened in every position of power, all vocations including acting, politics, education, hospitality etc. Even in normal life such concepts take over, I sometimes said to myself  in the... Continue Reading →

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