An assignment I completed for school. Choose a field from the list below where AI is applied.- Gaming- Pattern and handwriting Recognition- Speech Recognition and Chatbot- Intelligent Robots- Reasoning and awareness- Autonomous Vehicle Write a report on the application of AI to the chosen field. Your report should include:- Background and History of chosen field.- How … Continue reading Deliberate


While visiting my mother in Paynesville I attended a U3A (University of the 3rd age) discussion group my father regularly attended before his passing. It is concerned with current affairs. So I raised these three topics, it was my father's job there to manage the discussion. 1. Global Warming Caused by burning fossil fuels - … Continue reading U3A


In the time of Plato, his 'theory of forms' suggested that to see wasn't merely the act of observation but also of knowing, gnosis, perhaps self awareness. Gnosis represents non material observation, thought. That was our last evolutionary leap forward I believe. It gave us the modern world of thought, education, politics, art... I think human thought … Continue reading Plato


A concept for a sequel to 'Space Odyssey 2001' and 'Transcendence', both films depict the arrival of artificial intelligence and describe the relationship between consciousness and matter. The material world versus the non material world. The world of objects versus the world of thought. For both films consciousness is the product of electrical signals in … Continue reading Sequel