As reported on CNN there are more and more popular protests around the world. People are fed up with the control and greed of government. South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America, globally. We are controlled by the elites, and are now realising the tokenism of equality. The one commonality in the protests [...]


Dear fellow Coma Victims, I’m back home after travel and typically I notice a deterioration in my walking through familiar places, it’s always been like that, but not this time. I recently had to work a bit to remember what we did in Greece, luckily this blog reminds me. I was amazed to be there [...]

Ao Nang

Traveling again, as I’ve said before it’s therapy for coma victims. That’s just an excuse to do something and be excited about life. Thailand, flew into Krabi and a taxi to Golden Beach resort. First thing an old favourite, Crazy Gringos for a drink. On the walk to Crazies its changed just a little perhaps [...]


We might evolve soon as we understand more about the cloud having created one as a copy of the human cloud in technology for Artificial Intelligent. We have always existed in a cloud, as a collective with laws to abide, but maybe we can take our cloud further. Perhaps we can evolve from the “I” [...]


Perhaps humans originate from aliens who invented AI for their own devices, computers made from organic matter, they didn't use metals. They then discovered planet Earth, humans were the best form of organic life here for their AI and so became intelligent. The aliens were probably more hopeful birds would accept their AI, they tried [...]

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Let's hope the new year brings continued recovery, getting closer to normality, I'm learning to walk again. As I've said many times we must keep using our brains and build new pathways, like we did when we were born. Be patient as neurological medicine says we can rebuild. So here's to another year of existence.


Visiting Melbourne again, for Christmas. Been here for a while and I usually post about significant events for memory, and ideas for  other coma victims. Perhaps study helps recovery from coma. My mental functioning seems to be improving because of it, so much to remember. Not just memory but also logic. While I still don't [...]


I loved film before coma so here is another post about an old film, perhaps I'm becoming normal. Stanley Kubrick was my favourite film maker, or perhaps Tarkovsky. We recently watched a Kubrick film again, "Eyes Wide Shut". Philosophically opposed to his classic "A Space Odyssey 2001" which was a story about aliens or maybe [...]