It's the end of the western celebratory season and almost time to return home. Much more important than my little problem of coma is global warming. I've more directly experienced it visiting Australia. I couldn't even go to my mother's home because of fire. Doubters, it's effecting people's lives. Indeed there has been many ways … Continue reading Warming

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Let's hope the new year brings continued recovery, getting closer to normality, I'm learning to walk again. As I've said many times we must keep using our brains and build new pathways, like we did when we were born. Be patient as neurological medicine says we can rebuild. So here's to another year of existence.


Congratulations to the people of France in their election. They haven't turned their backs on the world in a time of globalisation. Indeed the world has been changed, by shipping, planes and now technology which is making it a smaller place. The EU prevents the us versus them mentality of the nations state which has caused many wars. Shame … Continue reading France