Dear fellow coma victims, back to the main point of this blog. My walking has deteriorated of late, perhaps my brain is adjusting the new pathways and making permanent it’s rerouting. I have definitely experienced setbacks like this before, and again. I always need a stick now. At the same time my right hand is playing up which makes sense if the brain is adjusting itself. I’ve had problems with the entire right hand side of my body since coma. In particular the right hand doesn’t open properly. So often I’m taken for a stroke victim, and again recently. Let’s hope this is the brains last significant adjustment. I’m probably wrong about such speculations as I’m not a doctor and these statements just represent my opinion. So fellow coma victim, keep scanning the internet and don’t accept this fake news! But I don’t claim for it to be news, merely expression. The only useful remarks I can offer is recovery from coma takes an extremely long time with ups and downs. The brain tries to create a new pathway for this different purpose. This new pathways route was originally used for something else I suspect, maybe vision, hearing or memory but now must be used to communicate with the leg while walking. Many subtelties to learn, ankle and balance etc.

I thought to include a link that speaks of similar things.



It’s been around 6 years since my coma, we should remember that recovery is extremely slow and you must encourage it through repetition. This is what I learnt during my recovery. I have tried walking without a stick on and off since coming back to Singapore 5 years ago. By this repetition my walking has only slightly improved, my toes still point to the heavens. Many would suggest my walking has not changed at all but I think it has become a little better. The most interesting thing about coma is that it’s encouraged a curiosity in life for me, but I think we all question existence. Science is progressing leaps and bounds discovering much more about reality, among other things describing entanglement theory.



Dear fellow coma victims, the American Superbowl provoked media about concussion. Something other codes of sport like Australian Rules Football and Rugby Union are also taking seriously. A star American footballer said not to play the game to avoid the brain damage caused. The doctor who treated that player said brain damage caused by concussion was permanent, that cognition was impaired. Hearing all this I reflected upon my own condition and the damage of three month coma which is kind of similar.

For concussion these people spoke of memory loss, I often can’t recall, at least I remember that something was on my mind. I can only guess at the mental functions I lost because of coma. I certainly don’t speak as well as l did before my accident. Just after coma I occasionally slurred and my speech is staggered but it has improved. And with word choice I often consider the next word to use. It’s a little slower but very close to normal. I often test myself with the meaning of words.

I worry all the time about my cognition and perception, and sometimes wonder if I can still feel things like empathy, joy or sorrow. So there you go, my little problems are quite common, indeed the brain is a very sensitive organ. It seems through improvements in technology and medicine we are understanding such organs much better nowadays. Memory is very important.


IMG-20180102-WA0008Dear fellow coma victims, at a favorite restaurant in Thailand I had a regular dish, mussels in a white wine sauce with lots of garlic and considered the taste. I was eating large chunks of garlic but couldn’t discern the flavor. The texture yes as it’s one of my favorite things about food. The garlic texture is like onion, I remembered garlic having a strong flavor but never really got it. So a discussion about senses ensued, how all humans interface with the world… Indeed taste is of a different order to language, what does beetroot really taste like? Difficult to transpose to language without food comparison. Our basic words to describe taste might include sweet, bitter, salty, savoury, crunchy, spicy, hot, chewy et al. My observations were that coma had effected a very subtle human ability, to discern between food stuff and taste.

Sight In the documentary coma some people’s sight was effected, I have had problems looking through my right eye, nothing too bad and it’s pretty much normal now but at times I felt it was effected too.

Sound In the documentary coma a person lost his hearing after coma, fortunately I haven’t noticed anything.

Taste I was an apprentice chef at one of the best French restaurants in  Melbourne, Miettas, and taste was extremely important to me but now I can’t even taste garlic, a favorite seasoning before coma. And I previously had at leatst 5 chillies with Som Tum salad but can’t take 1 in any dish nowadays.

Touch I’ve become left handed since coma. In early days there was always pins and needles in the right, the entire right side misbehaves and the sense of touch in it is diminished.

Smell It has been said by people that I have lost my  sense of smell. I cannot smell disgusting things anymore I’m told. If there are pervasive bad smells I can’t.



As I have always said coma recovery is painfully slow, but continues nonetheless. After about a year of not being able to walk without my stick because of so many ups and downs I’m trying again to leave it at home, feeling more confident this time. I think the new pathways in the brain to my leg while walking have taken hold. By always using these functions of the brain my memory and right hand are also slowly improving. As I have consistently said we must try to use the brain as we did before coma. We will extremely slowly approach what and who we were before this experience of coma. My walking is still very staggered without the stick, it was with it too!


image2My wife has provided me no end of support through my recovery from coma, and now I’m a partner in our business. I should post the link to the website I have built for our company so that anyone can provide me with feedback on how to improve the site. Our office is still being fitted out and we won’t move in until next month. Technology will become my main service in this enterprise, to build websites for startup companies. The primary service of our office will be her psychic abilities, to do readings, and my efforts will be to start working again in technology. I hope to get involved with artificial intelligence there. The web provides so many opportunities for companies. The home of our office is mostly occupied by startup companies in Singapore. Here is the link for our offices website which is being developed daily, the name of the business which is registered in Singapore is ‘the Metaphysics Alliance’: the website is here


wp-image-2117380522Dear fellow coma victims, perhaps my improvement is merely a consequence of time. I have been getting pain in the right side of my body recently, I think the new pathways are developing an awareness of pain, maybe it was always there but now my brain recognises it as pain. Not really pain but a feeling of awkwardness, improvement nonetheless. It seems to take the new brain an extremely long time to become reacquainted with the body. More than five and a half years and they’re still developing these new pathways. Also when I open my right hand, something I couldn’t do easily for ages, the fingers spread much better. Not quite as good as my left, the right index finger lags, but much better and something I couldn’t do so well before but have been practising for ages.  It seems we must practise.