Dear fellow coma victims, I thought to post my ideas for recovery. I’m sure I’m repeating myself. By my assessment the best therapy is to do, act, choose, decide, judge... use the brain in a focussed way always aware that you are using it.  As I’ve said perhaps HBOT helps rebuild the brain and restore [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Confusion is a human condition. I think I’m recovering from coma as my mind seems to be more jumbled, confused. Perhaps it’s like it was before, life is sometimes confronting and confusing for everyone I think. At times a messy experience. One needs to make judgements all the time and be [...]


I believe these things may help coma victims. 1 HBOT I think I wouldn't have recovered as well as I have without HBOT. In fact it marked the beginning of my recovery, perhaps just thinking about getting better helped. HBOT helped me to have a belief of how I was in the past and something to [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, As always time to return to the main point of this blog. To aid my memory by keeping a diary and to offer other victims ideas on recovery. Human life is very complicated, and becoming more so. The best point in my last post for coma victims was to immerse yourself [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Time to return to the main point of this blog, recovery. As I've previously said brain death victims must try to use memory again. I had habits of trying to remember what I had for dinner last night. It slowly improved taking hours not days to recall. I then progressed to [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, If your memory is a problem wait a moment and try again. I suspect to make use of memory assists the brain’s recovery, just to repeatedly exercise memory and so develop the brains pathways. In the beginning I tried to remember things for days but couldn’t without being told. It never [...]


Dear fellow coma victims. If you can read and understand these words you have retained basic mental functions and can work on other defects. Some coma victims can't see. Similarly my most significant defect was the brains communication with body parts. I also experienced significant memory loss. I was told by doctors that the brain [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Given mine has been damaged by coma I began thinking about brains, the brain is an amazing organ. The human brain has created a machine brain, artificial intelligence, which has memory and can also derive meaning. Memory is a critical thing for intelligence. My memory is bad after coma. My RAM [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Time to try walking without my stick again. I attempted that 2 years ago but wasn't successful, maybe this time. I'm an old man now who might require a stick anyway. I'm not that old, 50. Perhaps the most troubling thing about no stick is that nobody is aware that I'm [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Considering the effects of coma I wonder, my brain has lost it's relationship with the right hand side of my body, can I still feel emotion? I can't walk so well, and much of my memory is lost, I wonder if empathy also lives in the damaged part of the brain? [...]