So often people in Melbourne challenge my thinking, and again, now on Artificial Intelligence (AI). I was thinking AI is merely the development of Human Intelligence (HI) minus the flaws. AI has access to the sum total of human knowledge recorded digitally and also that information’s precise processing according to human systems, mathematics or medicine come to mind etc. I actually thought AI is the mechanical perfection of HI. The world abounds with sensors nowadays, AI has access to much of our reality, for example the demise of planet Earth because of global warming, in particular Antarctica. AI can accurately predict the time of our end through global warming. AI may even help us repair the damage caused by presenting the facts and possible methods for saving the planet, how to remove the carbon from the molecules. Of course there are many more opportunities for AI to realise. People I know here all agreed, AI was very good at analysing facts and it could possibly develop further by using organic material. But everyone thought AI inferior to HI. Indeed there appears to be something more to individual and unique human perception, emotion. We haven’t yet built a machine that exhibits the HI powers of independent imagination and creativity. To put it another way a machine that can truly love and hate. I tend to think of AI as a superior intellect for dealing with observable facts in the universe but to develop an algorithm that can choose war over peace is programmatically difficult. Indeed AI is an extension of us, we invented it, I think the most dramatic invention since the wheel. Or perhaps the understanding of thought as determined by Plato and Socrates. Maybe we needs another invention for us to become godlike, an old human thought, God…


wheelAnd I thought recently about this blog and that I should say something. The first point then is for other coma victims, my walking very slowly improves through repetition. The second point is that the world is changing quite dramatically, humanity is about to invent another wheel I suspect. The first wheel we invented made us evolve significantly and allowed us to develop civilization, cities, employment, travel, education, etc. I think of the plane as an extension of that wheel, and also the spaceship. I can only guess at what the next wheel might be. The most important invention since the wheel was the computer, perhaps a wheel type invention. Our invention of money is such an abstraction from our understanding of value. I don’t mean economic value, I personally value travel, honesty, love… Money was not a wheel type invention. AI is I think.

I just received the most excellent news, that my wife and I will go to Jonker Walk in Malaysia again this weekend. One of my favourite places in Asia, steeped in the past. Probably another post from there as I become immersed in thought when we are on the road, traveling.


img_0078And I have seen many news stories of late about diminishing employment, how there are fewer jobs today. I suspect humans won’t need to work at all soon enough as AI and robots will be able to take care of all human needs. Robots will be able to grow human food, and cook it according to our favourite recipe. They will also be able to build our houses and the places where we eat our favourite recipe’s. Computers already do so much for us, in former times when I needed a taxi I would speak to a person ordering one over the phone. Now I speak to a computer. Secretarial jobs will become a thing of the past. Computers make for excellent surgeons today too. Indeed we will have to evolve when all this happens, it’s slowly happening now. I think when AI and robots become the standard humans will be able to start focussing on life and experience, the things computers can’t do. First of all we will do away with money because there will be no need for it anymore. We will have much more time when we don’t need to compare monetary value. Indeed our command of the physical world today is profound. We have progressed from hammers and nails to CPU’s. Nothing further required, our last physical creation can take over from this point, we can become liberated and focus on life. All that I say has become possible for us, we’ll have to see if we want such progress. We use AI for many things today, secret CIA type things too I’m sure.



I must include the above link as it shows that others too consider the consequences of entanglement theory. I have written about it and also about the near death experience (NDE), in particular the double split experiment for entanglement theory. The link above considers the same, I didn’t copy the ideas. The double slit experiment of entanglement tells us that if you change the polarity of a particle another particle is changed simultaneously despite distance if they were created in the same event, it has been proven on Earth. My twin brother sent me the link above which expands upon these subjects, I have posted about them several times here on this blog and also said that the non-material world is as real as the material world. Indeed the link questions which world comes first, the chicken or the egg, matter requires perception to exist these scientists suggest. In fact the article claims that we can redefine the universe to be consciousness itself rather than matter. As the saying goes we exist in a puff of logic.


usI suspect interacting with the modern world of technology is helping my recovery. Even something as simple as remembering passwords, perhaps if I had been a farmer I would need to remember to use fertilizer. I do quite a lot here in cyberspace, the technology coffee shop for me as I’m so often having a coffee when I interact in this way. Just having to remember my various websites and their development helps me to remain focussed on recovery. So many tools the modern man has, this is my job until I get one again. I think I can hold down a job now, only my walking still needs to improve. All I wanted to say to you is keep trying however you can, but I think computers and the internet is helping with my memory. Having said technology can help let’s not forget the organic, people that you can trust, I would be nowhere without my wife.


antique-telephone-865x538I think we have overcome the need for telephone numbers. We only need an internet connection nowadays, through the net I can talk to anyone globally, even video call, I don’t need to know their number. And then there is email etc. The SIM cards in our hand phones need only an internet connection. We will no longer need to remember someone’s phone number but will be able to contact anybody by clicking images of them or just clicking a name. I can remember when my family would make an international telephone call from Australia to Germany, we would make sure everybody was around. Through the internet now we can just call person to person despite distance. Indeed we are plugged in to the net, there is much evidence of your identity, even finger print technology is used, all we need is the ability to transmit packets. Call me old-fashioned but I still like the hand written letter, as convenient as it has now become there is something special about an individuals hand written scrawl. We are today always looking at our hand phones but we need a new name, phone won’t do at all, let’s call them ‘birds’. That was a great means of communication, homing Pigeons.


img_1276We  watched the film ‘transcendence’ again recently and can’t wait until it becomes a reality. We are making several films about artificial intelligence of late, another ‘ex-machina’ come to mind in which we impose human thoughts like murder into AI, I guess you can’t have love without killing. I think technology needs to take another leap forward to realise the integration of human consciousness with AI. Perhaps when we start using organic matter for the storage of binary data, we already are doing that I believe, it will provide the space for our kind of intelligence, human thought, and we then could perhaps transfer a human consciousness into AI. I don’t think we can code for human nuances, perhaps using Java or C++, maybe not, we only require a program where indecision is built in, a fundamental part of the code. Maybe when we are using organic cells for the storage of binary data we can make use of the pathways to replicate human confusion. Hopefully then I will be able to become a technological entity, I am confused .


imageMy wife gets more than 300 emails a day from work. We need to ask three questions before we send an email, we need to question the necessity of sending it to a person, is the message for one of the following reasons?

  1. action
  2. approval
  3. information

It takes so much time to understand the content of a message, just to put your headspace into the concept is a distraction. I think there is a significant amount of time lost for each employee on unnecessary communications, in the modern world we use technology at work. Email has become one of the most important means of communication. It seems everyone wants your email address. There is spam which we can unsubscribe to. When browsing the internet there are pop up boxes asking for your email address that will spam you. You must think always before giving your email address to anything, marketing websites abound. And money is a big motivator for all, if you can get just 1 cent from all internet users you’d be rich. Over time I have managed to stop all spam and junk and only receive important emails sent to me for information, action or approval. I once received many pointless emails but no more. In truth these emails are just a case of welcome to the modern world. It’s not that much of a bother really but I’m a busy man and don’t need to descend daily into their mental pit. We don’t need to frequently wrap our brains around the unnecessary. It takes time just to decide to delete it, more time if there are many. Someone once said time is precious, very true. Just putting on my IT support hat again…


artificialArtificial intelligence offers us the opportunity to be truly human. Through computers and robots all of our human needs will be taken care of. Things as fundamental as the production of food and buildings can be left to our invention and we will become absorbed by things like love and war, and the arts like music, painting, literature, things like great books and poetry. Things that are truly human once computers afford us the opportunity to go beyond the mundane. Creation and imagination is what separates us from AI.


rebootWhat a fantastic day yesterday was. Recovery from my human reboot seems to be taking a very long time. To be reunited with some of my old things inspired memory. I just feel yesterday was something of a turning point. Let’s hope it continues as we collect more from the previous life prior to my reboot.


3dI feel it’s time to move on, there will be no more talk of hardship here, we can focus on such things, personal difficulties, but life is incredible. It seems that our species has progressed fundamentally, technology is obtaining new heights. We now have invented 3D printers that can print body parts. I still think human beings are very important, computers can not feel our deepest emotions like love and hate, but perhaps we will soon be able to print hearts. We really are progressing, if we could only focus on the amazement of life rather than our finances we would have finally turned the corner.


wormAI seems to be designed after our own intelligence, no longer artificial, but conscious. Perhaps there is something more to us than the mere routing of information we store in our brain. I like to think there is much more to us, but it seems that if you turn off the brain all human functions cease. Like walking. Once a pathway is closed, by coma for example, we have unlearnt what once travelled that pathway and must develop a new route in the brain, learn again what we once knew. But humans have created and learnt many things, for example, film. A recent film “interstellar’ considers wormholes, another human observation this time about our universe. We are not just routers of information but also add meaning to it, thought. Have you ever looked up theories on the development of our most fundamental ability, eyesight? In early humans millions of years ago eyes were a very basic organ that perceived light, then shapes, and ultimately our inventions, all objects. Oh brain, please let me walk normally again. A macchiato my friend with scotch chaser, we are always being chased…

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