Luang Prabang

wp-image-424185402We’re traveling again, this time to one of my favourite cities in all of Asia – Luang Prabang, Laos. Another good test for my memory as I’ve been here many times before coma, not since. An old French colonial town with a great restaurant of that cusine by recollection. Lots of temples (wats) and Buddhist monks. A real timeout from the hustle and bustle, dare I say a spiritual place. Lao is a journey back in time. Flying through the capital village Vientiane, village is more appropriate then city as the airport is surrounded by greenery and not many buildings. I saw houses and didn’t see a building taller than 5 stories, only one of those. Extremely rare and different to Singapore or any other modern western city, heaven forbid New York. And then the airport at Luang Prabang was even further back in time, flying through rock formations and forests. Indeed being here must be like life a long long time ago, maybe 100 years. Walking the streets of Luang Prabang there are old primitive buildings. We found that French restaurant I remembered, L’Elephant. That animal seems to be an emblem for them here. We had an excellent dinner last night focussed on flavour and texture. Not very much I remember from before coma but one thing I recall, I loved ‘andoiette’, we’ll have to hunt for that sausage of pigs intestine tomorrow.  But then again I’m told I also loved the Lao buffalo at the market. The worst thing about the place is the tourists, not so many as in parts of Thailand but Luang Prabang does have the interest of some including me, which must be distracting for the locals. The photo is the spot I take breakfast in the morning by the Mekong river


image2My wife has provided me no end of support through my recovery from coma, and now I’m a partner in our business. I should post the link to the website I have built for our company so that anyone can provide me with feedback on how to improve the site. Our office is still being fitted out and we won’t move in until next month. Technology will become my main service in this enterprise, to build websites for startup companies. The primary service of our office will be her psychic abilities, to do readings, and my efforts will be to start working again in technology. I hope to get involved with artificial intelligence there. The web provides so many opportunities for companies. The home of our office is mostly occupied by startup companies in Singapore. Here is the link for our offices website which is being developed daily, the name of the business which is registered in Singapore is ‘the Metaphysics Alliance’:


imagesThe actuality of global warming can no longer be denied. Indeed I have said it before several times on this blog, we will soon see very dramatic effects. Perhaps within 10 years I wrote, I made that comment 1 year ago. The planets climate has already started to dissipate. Two recent storms in the US, Harvey and Irma, are symbolic of the planets future, and it will become much worse. Perhaps it was fitting that the storms occured in the US as they don’t believe in climate change. Maybe when the death toll from it reaches 1 billion they might admit it as they seem to have a fascination with billion, the billionaire doesn’t believe in climate change and wants to burn more coal with no concern for carbon dioxide emissions. Climate change is a hoax by the Chinese he says, and he also pulled the US out of the global climate change agreement made in Paris, the effects are indeed global Donald…


wp-image-2117380522Dear fellow coma victims, perhaps my improvement is merely a consequence of time. I have been getting pain in the right side of my body recently, I think the new pathways are developing an awareness of pain, maybe it was always there but now my brain recognises it as pain. Not really pain but a feeling of awkwardness, improvement nonetheless. It seems to take the new brain an extremely long time to become reacquainted with the body. More than five and a half years and they’re still developing these new pathways. Also when I open my right hand, something I couldn’t do easily for ages, the fingers spread much better. Not quite as good as my left, the right index finger lags, but much better and something I couldn’t do so well before but have been practising for ages.  It seems we must practise.


JetstarDear fellow coma victims, determination doesn’t amount to much without the detail. While being determined to walk again you must also do so correctly. There are so many subtleties to walking that have been forgotten by the brain as it builds a new pathway and these too must be relearned. I just try to copy my good leg, heel then toe and my toes still permanently point upwards. I suspect that it is only because I try to copy the good leg that it’s gradually improving. In the beginning I didn’t make sure I was walking properly and it never really improved but seems to be getting better now that I try to copy the good leg in every way. Also having been there recently I must mention that the Melbourne airport is the worst I have ever been to. So hard to find your gate and it has no view of the planes, the most impressive thing about airports. A most confusing airport. I needed to ask a worker directions to gate 12, it was actually down several corridors from the terminal and there were no signs. It was a good place when I was young but terrible now, such a simple place to arrange. Perhaps the many extra steps back and forth improved my walking…


IMG_20170814_105919Well it’s time to return to the main point for this blog, but haven’t I recovered from coma? We must always think of our walking if that’s the part of the brain affected. From my personal experience these things only improve through determination. Actually I’m quite determined to maintain this blog which seems to be helping with the mental issues, memory et al…


1501326819097-860fa890-5ca5-4c9c-85b0-ecda5e14e9bfThere are several posts here by the title, ‘recovery’, this will be the last. I now have a date for my recovery from coma, my father’s funeral 30/7/2017. It would have been unthinkable during my time in hospital for me to write and delivery a speech to so many people and also to try and answer their obscure questions. My father’s remembrance acknowledged a most excellent life. I think I have posted the very eulogy I delivered, not exactly,  I ad-libbed. It was indeed a celebration of a life well lived. To hear other speeches about him also stimulated my memory, I could remember his honesty and sincerity that all spoke of. I thought to include a link where my speech is in the first video . . .

And this link about the other world. . .



Karl Heinz Rudolf Homberger

My father Heinz has moved on to the next world but lived in two worlds during his life, Germany and Australia. His own father Richard died a soldier in France, his mother Sofie died in 1991, his sister Ushi in 2006, and his brother Richard died the very same day he did. Now they are together again. While working in a restaurant in Germany during his youth he waited on an Australian embassy official who told him Australia was rebuilding after the war and he could go there for free on a ship if he committed to a year which he did. First they took him to outback Western Australia, after other places he ended up in Melbourne where he met the most beautiful German woman working at the Windsor hotel. He married this woman, Gertrud, and had another turning point in his life in 1957 when they had their first child, Suzanne. The third the abbey, Indeed children would become a feature of his life having 5 children of his own, 13 grandchildren and now 4 great grandchildren.. Indeed he was a good man, death is a fact of life. The average male lives to 82 in Australia today, he made 85, so let’s celebrate his life and not morn him, sure we can feel a tad sad for not being able to meet with him again. My enduring memory of Heinz is that he was a sincere and honest man.


img_1669My father will soon pass away which has prompted me to consider life again. He was a good man. Always a very hard worker and a spiritual man but questioned formal religion in his last days and chose Eckankar. I would say a spiritual man but not academic. After a gradual deterioration over the last 5 years he is in hospital again after stroke. So now to consider human life again. My own musings are that humans exit in multiple dimensions, that’s how science has it, and like length width and height consciousness is a dimension. We exit materially and so can access the 3rd directly. The most significant aspect of the third is time, a very human concept or construct. Our thoughts will always exit and when science invents time travel as it says it soon will we will always exit but perhaps cannot interact with human time travelers as they are traveling in another dimension. I suspect our notions of spirituality are derived from our unaware interaction with this thought dimension. My scientific musings and these interpretations are only my own, you may have some too, the links post directly below includes a few of the important ones to me…

Thought domain


093acdc4-000b-4b0b-bce6-e512a24d0b75Dear fellow coma victims, after 5 years and more I think I’m presently turning a corner in my recovery. My walking is improving, slightly better than a 5 year old child, well I’m now five and a half years old. In fact the whole right side of my body improves. For the first time I’m typing with my right hand to test, I wrote most of this yesterday and return to my left for ease of writing. I’ve started leaving my walking stick at home again, only my toes need to normalize for my gait to return, they should stop pointing upwards and effecting my balance. I pick up my coffee with my right hand, I used to spill it when I tried to do that. Also at breakfast for morning cereal I use my right, so many things. I still use the left to brush my teeth but force myself to try with the right like I always did. I’ve said it before and again, we must keep pushing ourselves and try to do things like we always did before coma for the brains new pathways to understand our body. Now I can remember more easily what I did yesterday too, last night we went to a favourite restaurant, it would have been difficult to recall. The best advice I could give to other coma victims is to always push yourself and try, by my experience it takes a very long time for the brain to reroute but it’s best if it does so properly with all the nuances otherwise you’ll have to live with the defects. Oh and travel if you can, only joking but it seems the new environments help, photo in Thailand. As the doctors said time would be my best friend, I also think mindful awareness is.

Ao Nang

6c4409a2-c2d8-484c-bede-7ee0fae69e97Last month I returned to my home of birth Melbourne, on Tuesday I went to my actual home, Singapore, not to leave it at that I now return to my spiritual home, Aonang in Thailand. The place I proposed to my wife, we’ve been here many times together. My home of origin – my parents and extended family are from there – is Germany. I’ve been there many times and lived and worked there for a year. I am global these days with the ease of travel despite the global warming effects of flying. As I’ve said many times on this blog Ao Nang is a truly amazing place, the people seem friendlier in Thailand than those in Australia who are always immersed in judgement, eg  the boat people and immigration. Australia is a bad place for boat people, I’ve always loved boats all over the world. Globally I found that people of other countries can be less judgemental, there are so many untouchables in India always with a friendly smile on their face. And in Ao Nang the people here seem more aware of life often with an understanding look in their eyes. As is said ‘home is where the heart is’, I’m always home with my wife. Indeed our notions of home are a concept, perhaps a feeling rather than a location.

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