Alabamba's recent anti abortion laws in the US are wrong as children die at the countries border trying to escape persecution. Many have been aborted there, hardly pro life. The US Supreme Court's decision Roe versus Wade gave women the right to abortion. That right is a valid interpretation of the constitution. Personally I think [...]


Travel again, Ubud Bali. On a tour we stopped for a 'luwak' coffee peculiar to Indonesia. A type of cat, a luwak, eats Arabic coffee beans for caffeine and then shits out the beans. The Indonesians liked the coffee the beans made after luwak ingestion and luwak coffee was born. It's become famous. Cat shit [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Confusion is a human condition. I think I’m recovering from coma as my mind seems to be more jumbled, confused. Perhaps it’s like it was before coma, life is sometimes confusing for everyone, at times a messy experience. One needs to make judgements all the time and be assertive. We are [...]


Again the corruption of ideas as Julien Assange is imprisoned for exposing truth through WikiLeaks. What he wrote as a journalist was told to him by whistleblowers. He showed us notions of truth is often controlled by the powerful. For how much longer will humanity tolerate power? We should just acknowledge fact. This raises the [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Thailand again, feels like I haven’t traveled for ages, it’s been maybe 2 months. The London global warming protests suggest to ban air travel until it uses renewables. I think travel is the one thing I couldn’t sacrifice, oh well extinction here we come. I believe travel helps coma victims, something [...]


a thought ... Perhaps humans originate from aliens who invented AI for their own devices, computers made from organic matter, they didn't use metals. They then discovered planet Earth, humans were the best form of organic life here for their AI and so became intelligent. The aliens were probably more hopeful birds would accept their [...]


Greed is going to kill us, by war or consumption. We are consumers, prisoners of the economy, desiring profit, creating so much waste. A pregnant whale full of plastic washed up dead on a coast recently. Forget global warming, the planet may be saved by our suicide, we are creating so much garbage that soon [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, I believe these things may help coma victims. 1 HBOT I think I wouldn't have recovered as well as I have without HBOT. In fact it marked the beginning of my recovery, perhaps just thinking about getting better helped. HBOT helped me to have a belief of how I was in the [...]


Carl Jung said "The decisive question for man is: Is he related to something infinite or not? ... If we understand and feel that here in this life we already have a link with the infinite, desires and attitudes change.” As he suggests, when humans realise we are part of the infinite we will change. [...]