My last post is about ESP which considers religion and consciousness. I think Shiva, God, Buddha, Allah, all religions exist in the thought domain, the non material world, consciousness. Like modern science I believe consciousness exists in its own right, thoughts have a non physical existence. Good and evil exist, the gods too. Indeed good [...]


Extrasensory Perception. I was interested in ‘Remote Viewing’ before coma, again. Remote Viewing is the ability to acquire information about a non-local place, person or event without using the physical senses. Our physical senses are controlled by the brain which anticipates.Our location is given immediacy by these physical senses.Remote Viewing uses a sixth sense which [...]


As reported on CNN there are more and more popular protests around the world. People are fed up with the control and greed of government. South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America, globally. We are controlled by the elites, and are now realising the tokenism of equality. The one commonality in the protests [...]


Dear fellow Coma Victims, I’m back home after travel and typically I notice a deterioration in my walking through familiar places, it’s always been like that, but not this time. I recently had to work a bit to remember what we did in Greece, luckily this blog reminds me. I was amazed to be there [...]


Just arrived, another test for my memory having been here many times before coma, Greece. I first came here in 1996, I’ve been to a few of the Greek islands, this time just Athens and Santorini. Greece was a time out country when I was working in Germany. I remember also liking Naxos, Mykonos, Paros, [...]


Fellow victims, I claim to have recovered from coma. I’m the same person with the same mentality as before my journey through self doubt. Just one step left, a job. By my estimations I previously was a thoughtful guy and am again, so often lost in my rabbit hole. That’s not a bad thing, we [...]


I recently became reacquainted with ‘the Venus Project’, something that interested me before coma. I’m thinking of volunteering as I believe it’s a solution for global warming. Its main project is human evolution, to establish an ideal society rather than the one we’ve created which is focussed on power. To provide for everyone by sharing [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Things that may have helped in my slow recovery from coma, not there yet. When searching for recovery suggestions I couldn’t find anything relevant, these ideas may assist... Keep a calendar, remember what you have done and plan to do, also good for knowing what day it is, public holidays etc. [...]