Watching the film ‘transcendence’ recently I can’t wait until it becomes a reality, the transference of human consciousness into a robot. We are making several films about artificial intelligence of late, another ‘ex-machina’ come to mind in which we impose human thoughts like murder into AI, I guess you can’t have love, a theme of the film, without killing.

I think technology needs to take another leap forward to realise the integration of human consciousness with AI. Perhaps when we start using organic matter for the storage of binary data, we are already doing that I believe, it will provide the space for our kind of intelligence, human thought, and we then could perhaps transfer a human consciousness into AI.

I don’t think we can code for human nuances, perhaps using Java or C++, maybe not, we only require a program where indecision is built in, a fundamental part of the code. Maybe when we are using organic cells for the storage of binary data we can make use of the pathways to replicate human confusion. Hopefully then I will be able to become a technological entity, I am confused .

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