fullsizeoutput_69eMy name is Mathew Homberger, I was born and bred in Melbourne of German descent, studied at the university of Melbourne taking Anthropology and Philosophy as my majors and afterwards a post graduate diploma in Information Technology at RMIT. I have worked and lived in several countries, thank you kindly for reading my story. I now live with my wife in Singapore, she helps me no end. I have travelled quite extensively, my passport states I have been to 56 countries, I have lived in several. I was in Thailand on Kho Chang when I had a motorcycle accident. I believe that I am the same person despite coma although I suspect the world changed very much while I was out. And I thought I could only speak German when I just came out of coma, my word memory is effected, now I write and speak English and only know a little German, mein deutsch geht noch nicht. This website has been written over several years, there are many posts that explore and described my condition. It seems that very slowly I am recovering from this ordeal. If you are recovering from coma or know someone that is I hope these ideas can help you. It seems to take the brain a very long time to approach normality again after coma, perhaps nobody is truly normal, what is normal? I have constantly worked on my normalisation. My email address is mathew.homberger@gmail.com.

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