fullsizeoutput_69eMy name is Mathew Homberger, I was born and bred in Melbourne of German descent, studied at the university of Melbourne taking Anthropology and Philosophy as my majors and afterwards a post graduate diploma in Information Technology at RMIT. I have worked and lived in several countries, thank you kindly for reading my story. I now live with my wife in Singapore, she helps me no end. I have travelled quite extensively, my passport states I have been to 56 countries, I have lived in several. I was in Thailand on Kho Chang when I had a motorcycle accident. I believe that I am the same person despite coma although I suspect the world changed very much while I was out. And I thought I could only speak German when I just came out of coma, my word memory is effected, now I write and speak English and only know a little German, mein deutsch geht noch nicht. This website has been written over several years, there are many posts that explore and described my condition. It seems that very slowly I am recovering from this ordeal. If you are recovering from coma or know someone that is I hope these ideas can help you. It seems to take the brain a very long time to approach normality again after coma, perhaps nobody is truly normal, what is normal? I have constantly worked on my normalisation. My email address is

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  1. Hi Mat, sorry for late response and come back to you. This is Jenny Kou from Barclays, I have reporting to you for a few year, A Line Manager which I respect a lot! I received the news a few months ago and can’t get the time to response back. I hope you can still recall what happen in Barclays world before. Keen to catch up with you again..

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  2. H – You had a flat in the Melbourne CBD at the time.
    Yes Munich Cricket Club with Bunty Blades, Brother Edwards….patty nice back? Club privee..
    Glad to hear from you and let us know of course when you are in Deutschland ja?!

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  3. Brother Toal, I think I used to call you that, with the prefix brother. So excellent to hear from you, I knew the name Mark Lovell meant something to me. It often happens like that, I remember names first. I agree I wasn’t much of a cricketer but thought to join MCC as an Australian expat, I was taken by the people involved, memory is never vivid for me now but I feel I met the MCC at a bar in Munich. I also remember that I once lived in Haidhausen. I also know, nothing vivid again, we went to Zuoz and Hamburg, both great trips I think. Filth I read because of you, can’t remember the characters or plot, just that it was extremely depraved. Very good to communicate again, maybe when I come to German in a year or so we can exchange notes on life. I’m sure we were the best of friends, where did we stay in Australia for the ashes tour all those years ago?

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  4. H. Homberger – here is Mark Lovell a friend in Germany. We played cricket together in Munich ( specifically at the turn of the new millennium. You weren’t very good at cricket (despite being an Aussie) but we had lots of fun. You used to wear black alot. We liked Nick Cave’s music and Irvine Welsh’s writing (Filth. You are remembered fondly in Munich. I came to visit you in Melbourne for some Ashes or another and stayed with you in the CBD. A couple of years ago you visited relatives here and we last saw each other in the quaint city of Mainz, Germany.


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  5. hi lachlan, i suspect you were a fantastic colleague, I was told i has worked in the old Naru house, I.m sure we were good mates, perhaps we can meet for a coffee when I’m back in old Melbourne town and exchange notes on life…

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  6. hi matt this is nigel and noi from the blue lagoon bar white sand beach koh chang,we were friends with you before your accident ,we spent some time with you on the the afternoon before your accident watching the grand prix ,we came to visit you in trat hospital and met your twin brother and your older sister ,me and noi would like to keep in touch with you hope to hear from you

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    1. hi nigel, actually a german friend is going to koh chang in about a month, Jens, I think you know him, it would be excellent to relive the past and to visit you and noi, thanks for looking after me in my desperate hour, I greatly suspect we were terrific friends in the past, anyway I hope to see you soon and come there rather than going to ao nang, railay, krabi, etc… take good care friend

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      1. hi matt good to here from you ,yes me and Jens good friends , you brought him to my bar ,Jens was the person who sent be the details of your website , it would be great to see you again and pick up our friendship up again and show you the places and people you met on the island any way Matt take care Nigel and Noi

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  7. HI Mathew
    My name is Lachlan Churchill and worked with you at the Victorian State Government at a circus called Cenitex? I admired your experiences then and even more so now. I was the Change Manager on the Project. My email is if you would like to further chat as I feel I may have some to contrtibute….maybe?

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  8. Yes, I can validate that you are still the same you, before and after the accident which was both devastating and life-changing. We often wonder what is the meaning of life and what’s collectively referred to as existence. You’ve experienced life and the precipice of the space between life and the yonder, and emerged a strong, soulful, evolved and enlightened being 🙂 Edgar Cayce’s book Beyond Death, one of my favourites, comes to mind.

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