I have considered entanglement theory, the link below does the same. The double split experiment tells us that if you change the polarity of a particle another particle is changed simultaneously despite distance if they were created in the same event. A non material communication. My monozygotic twin sent me this link which expands... Continue Reading →

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Time once again to return to the main point of this blog... recovery from coma. I'm learning again. Everything.. I don't hold out any hope of my brain remembering more, it's been more than 7 years. I'm learning how to operate my body again, and how to use my memory, remember. I suspect through repetition... Continue Reading →


My wife and I went to the 'Lourdes' Catholic event yesterday in Singapore. It happens once every four years, the Arch Bishop attends. They also spoke of the 'Lady of Fatima', two religious events of the past. The thing that impressed me was so many people all focused on another world, the  non-material one. I... Continue Reading →


We should simply stop all greenhouse gas emissions globally. Make all emitting activities illegal and force replacement technology. All accounts of global warming are catastrophic. If we don't want to go the way of the dinosaurs and become extinct we must take drastic action now, today. We are killing all life forms on the planet.


A cat is one, my wife is a cat. I saw an item on the news about polar bears who are obviously conscious, and for that matter so is our cat. They commonly regard consciousness as self awareness. Science suspects consciousness is a fundamental of the universe. Indeed there are differences in the awareness of... Continue Reading →


Watching the news just now I felt the need to make a public post for American readers to say that the only reason the US economy is doing well today is because of Obama. After the GFC he helped to restore the US economy and spent wisely unlike Trump. The US is about to descend... Continue Reading →


I'm excited, this Sunday I'll see U2 live in Singapore. I can't clearly remember how many times I've seen them, maybe 3, but know of once, the "Under a Blood Red Sky" tour of Melbourne in the 1980s. At the time I thought them too commercial but liked them just the same. By memory the... Continue Reading →


My walking has deteriorated again, I need a stick daily but stopped using one for about 3 months. It takes so long for the brain to develop new pathways as the old ones don't work anymore. I think it's still often re-routing before it decides on the new permanent pathway. MRI scans revealed damage to... Continue Reading →


It's hard to use words like 'before' or 'after' if time doesn't exist. I posted recently with scientific suggestions of that. Perhaps I should rather use metaphors like simultaneously. Simultaneously with consciousness 'altered consciousness' came about. Science theorises that consciousness is a fundamental of the universe and 'altered consciousness' represents our individualism, human identity. We... Continue Reading →


We are 3rd dimensional creatures. Science suspects the univers has many more dimensions. We are part of the universe. Science also suspects time doesn't exist, a quote from this web page: "They insist that the most successful theories in physics prove that time does not exist". Time is a third dimensional construct. It's hard to... Continue Reading →


My last post was about ESP which considers consciousness and religion. I think Buddha, Shiva, God, Allah exist in the thought domain, the non material world, consciousness. Like modern science I believe consciousness exists in its own right, thoughts have a non physical existence. Good and evil exist, the gods too. Indeed good and evil,... Continue Reading →


Extrasensory Perception. I was interested in ‘Remote Viewing’ before coma, again. Remote Viewing is the ability to acquire information about a non-local place, person or event without using the physical senses. Our physical senses are controlled by the brain which anticipates.Our location is given immediacy by these physical senses.Remote Viewing uses a sixth sense which... Continue Reading →


As reported on CNN there are more and more popular protests around the world. People are fed up with the control and greed of government. South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America, globally. We are controlled by the elites, and are now realising the tokenism of equality. The one commonality in the protests... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow Coma Victims, I’m back home after travel and typically I notice a deterioration in my walking through familiar places, it’s always been like that, but not this time. I recently had to work a bit to remember what we did in Greece, luckily this blog reminds me. I was amazed to be there... Continue Reading →


Just arrived, another test for my memory having been here many times before coma, Greece. I first came here in 1996, I’ve been to a few of the Greek islands, this time just Athens and Santorini. Greece was a time out country when I was working in Germany. I remember also liking Naxos, Mykonos, Paros,... Continue Reading →


What I say on Human Intelligence (HI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is from my study days of ancient Greek philosophy. The Greeks derived HI and now we are making a copy, AI. The Greek use of the word ‘gnosis’ was a turning point in HI as it acknowledged the ontological status of the object, a... Continue Reading →


Fellow coma victims, I claim to have recovered from coma. I’m the same person with the same mentality as before my journey through self doubt. Just one step left, a job. By my estimations I previously was a thoughtful guy and am again, so often lost in my rabbit hole. That’s not a bad thing,... Continue Reading →


I recently became reacquainted with ‘the Venus Project’, something that interested me before coma. I’m thinking of volunteering as I believe it’s a solution for global warming. Its main project is human evolution, to establish an ideal society rather than the one we’ve created which is focussed on power. To provide for everyone by sharing... Continue Reading →

The Silent Reach

Recently I received an old ad for my band ‘The Silent Reach’, promotion for a residency at a hotel in Melbourne. Anyway it’s good for my memory, I can remember the band, it was an important part of my life before coma. All of our recorded music is on the ‘belief’ webpage of this site.


Dear fellow coma victims, Things that may have helped in my slow recovery from coma, not there yet. When searching for recovery suggestions I couldn’t find anything relevant, these ideas may assist... Keep a calendar, remember what you have done and plan to do, also good for knowing what day it is, public holidays etc.... Continue Reading →

Ao Nang

Traveling again, as I’ve said before it’s therapy for coma victims. That’s just an excuse to do something and be excited about life. Thailand, flew into Krabi and a taxi to Golden Beach resort. First thing an old favourite, Crazy Gringos for a drink. On the walk to Crazies its changed just a little perhaps... Continue Reading →

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