When we cut a double helix, as it repairs itself we can force a change in the DNA code through the RNA in CRISPR. By editing the DNA of an embryo you can change many features of a person, the shape of a face, IQ, height, propensity for cancer. Only China has done this to an embryo. Human Nature, a Netflix documentary, explores this new ability to play GOD. They say your baby can be the best combination of you and your partner’s genes, removing abnormalities. These are processes to understand but not necessarily to alter, except perhaps for disease prevention. The main character in the Netflix documentary said he wouldn’t be himself without his birth defects, he claimed to have learnt a lot by them, patience and trust.

Having created Artificial Intelligence we are now treating the human body like a computer. We have tried to produce better animals in farming through selection. Eugenics by the Nazis sought to remove genes from the pool it didn’t like. Today we can shape genes in the laboratory to create better humans according to what we value, another eugenics? I fear genetic manipulation may take the human out of human.

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