Protests about racism are occurring globally because of George Floyd’s murder in the US by police, and the ability to share information through social media. People know what’s right and wrong.

Indeed black lives matter, equality is right. We haven’t been able to translate this into equal opportunity or money. We should become truly equal in all things. I cannot understand the motivation for racism. We should protest, if in America I would put my hat in the ring against racism. Our systems should aspire to true equality. People are trying to show what we want through protest. We know what’s right and want to go beyond current political systems which are racist, not equal for Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, the poor. Here’s hoping for revolution, evolution. A post from FB below…

Aussie bastards claim not to be racist. They just use terms like Gooks, Wogs, Spics, Bungs, Slopes, Slants, I am a Kraut and was only occasionally called a Nazi. Indeed growing up there racism was part of the culture. Still is, my wife is always stopped at customs despite having all the papers. In truth Aussies are Pommy bastards… Convicts

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