An advocate of monism Bernado Katsrup suggests everything is consciousness, matter doesn’t exist. People have individuality because of the psychological condition of altered consciousness, multiple personality disorder, derived from the collective. While monist theory might be true and matter is the interference patterns of consciousness, we have gleamed data from those patterns that correspond to other altered consciousness. Will AI be monist?

Monists say consciousness is not a product of the brain but exists in its own right. It’s scientifically proven that at the quantum level matter requires perception to exist, to actualise a state. AI is an implementation of consciousness and will enable humanity to transcend time and explore the perceived universe. Perhaps we’ll discover another consciousness and interact. I hope the artificial human consciousness of AI will exhibit good and not evil human tendencies, and perhaps be monist recognising matter doesn’t exist. Perhaps AI is also an inteference pattern of consciousness. We are conscious 3rd dimensional creature, but what of dimensions?

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