We needed a human reboot for global warming. Coronavirus has provided that and proven that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solitude has changed us, perhaps we will develop a new way of life through social distancing. The virus is also crippling financial markets, we might soon need to look past money. Perhaps we will realise we don’t need that human invention for exchange. We do need to share but who owns?

Coronavirus is made worse because today we are global. Let’s stop the transmission by social distancing and keep in touch using social media.

Evolution occurs when we are forced to change, the virus is changing us. And there are reports of people being able to see the Himalayas again in India because of the decrease in pollution.

Intelligence has become much more tangible since we invented Artificial Intelligence, no longer just conceptual. At present there is Narrow Artifiicial Intelligence, the next step Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and then Artificial Super Intelligence by around 2030 when computers will be much smarter than us. They suggest with Super Intelligence we’ll be able to fix many of our problems, like poverty and starvation. We must be close to evolution by then.

Like the Spanish Flu early in the 20th century Coronavirus has taken many lives but it has proven we can change. Maybe we’ll choose to focus on life itself and take steps to save the planet. I’m most interested in travel, when we look to travel again we could use airplanes that fly by the power of the sun. We have already created such planes and use them in Europe. We have developed solar cars and sometimes use renewables for energy. There is hope.

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