The coronavirus might yet become as serious as the human immunodeficiency virus. HIV has killed many people. The coronavirus transfers more easily. The deaths rate currently is 2%. It’s the newest plague, perhaps virus is becoming more frequent because there are so many of us. Apart from HIV other well known ones were SARS, MERS, Polio, Ebola. It will be trouble if this one mutates. The flu kills many people globally. Viruses any like any life trying to survive, they evolve, feeding where they can.

The death rate of global warming may reach 100%, yet we seem to take it less seriously than coronavirus. But there is a cure for warming, to live in harmony with the planet. It’s been interesting watching the film pandemic, prophetic. Plagues have happened many times before resulting in many deaths, my grandmother died of TB. There will be more plagues, today with so much travel its becoming more dangerous for our species, transmission.

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