A cat is one, my wife is a cat. I saw an item on the news about polar bears who are obviously conscious, and for that matter so is our cat. They commonly regard consciousness as self awareness. Science suspects consciousness is a fundamental of the universe.

Indeed there are differences in the awareness of mammals. Perception remains a conundrum, from where does it originate if matter requires it to exist as quantum suggests? And what is its purpose? Maybe I’ve misunderstood quantum’s entanglement theory. I did try to understand the ‘double splitexperiment from where the notion of required perception comes. Particles remain indeterminate until perceived.

While I could believe consciousness is a fundamental of the universe perhaps there are limitations because of biology, animal / human. Maybe our physical evolution has got us this far in perception, and there is only physicality and consciousness is a product of the brain?  

The question remains, is consciousness a product of our brain? I have obviously forgotten things, my memory fails again. I thought I had answered this question to my satisfaction…

Pixie, an old friend of about 17 years, and Puteh in the house

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