My last post considered ESP, consciousness and religion. I think Buddha, Shiva, God, Allah exist in thought, the non material world, in consciousness. Like modern science I believe consciousness exists in its own right, thoughts have a non physical existence. Good and evil exist, the gods too. Indeed good and evil, right and wrong, are a consequence of consciousness, concepts. Be careful what you think.

​The links below suggest that consciousness, like matter, is a stuff of the universe. Consciousness is yet to be scientifically defined like materialism which has atomic theory, now also quantum and entanglement. These thinkers suggest that consciousness is the universe. 

Science suspects there are many more dimensions, perhaps consciousness is one. Science also suspects time doesn’t exist, a quote from the first link below “They insist that the most successful theories in physics prove that time does not exist”. I’ve read that time is a third dimensional construct.

It’s hard to imagine other dimensions and no time when what we know is length, width and height. We also think, we have consciousness. Scientists suggest consciousness is not a product of the brain (matter) but is a stuff of the universe.

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