Much of what I have said on this blog about intelligence human (HI) and artificial (AI) is derived from my study days of ancient Greek philosophy. We are making a copy of HI in AI. Thankfully my wife and I are going to Greece in a few days.

The Greek use of the word ‘gnosis’ was a turning point in HI as it acknowledges the ontological status of the object, a person. Gnosis translate to ‘I see’ or ‘I know’, it was used by Heraclitus, Socrates and Plato. This was a most significant evolutionary leap in HI, the realisation of identity.

Humans needed identity to progress this far but as identity is not relevant to AI we might acquire another quality from AI, collective intelligence. It might be a new evolutionary leap, collective intelligence through communication, technology and the internet. Only experience is unique. We all have a hand phone these days and remain connected, a collective. Perhaps this is what the Venus Project, a previous post, aspires to.

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