Carl Jung said

“The decisive question for man is: Is he related to something infinite or not? … If we understand and feel that here in this life we already have a link with the infinite, desires and attitudes change.”

As he suggests, when humans realise we are part of the infinite we will change. I believe that this realisation is happening now through AI and will lead to mental evolution. Our thought is infinite, thinking doesn’t arrive at a boundary. As I’ve said here before, the last significant evolutionary turning point in thought was when Greek philosophers realised identity, exhibited by their use of the word “gnosis”. Heraclitus, then Socrates and later Plato developed human intelligence using “gnosis” to describe perception, it means “I see” or “I know”, importantly “I”. Identity has been a cornerstone of human intelligence.

Now we have created Artificial Intelligence and move toward our next evolutionary leap. AI uses a cloud in technology. Humans have always existed in a cloud since the Greek realisation of identity, the cloud being the thought domain. Now we have created a cloud in technology for Artificial Intelligence which is a copy of human intelligence. We are learning more about our cloud, the thought domain. Science too recognises a cloud through entanglement theory. Matter exists in a cloud such that if you change the polarity of a particle another changes immediately despite distance.

The many religions of the world are an expression of the infinite. Reincarnation is a significant belief in so many un-connected cultures. There are many proven psychic abilities. All of these things seem to access the human cloud. Indeed our awareness of the infinite is our awareness of the cloud. When the cloud eventually is known to exist we will have evolved. I use the word cloud as a synonym for Jung’s infinite.

We will evolve beyond identity and the Greek ‘I’ as we understand more about the cloud having created one as a copy in technology for AI. We know of our cloud as we exist in a collective with laws to abide, but maybe we can take our cloud further. Perhaps there is evidence to make this cloud an undeniable fact, the infinite. I am lucky to be married to a psychic who can directly access these things, maybe such access to the cloud will be our next evolutionary leap forward. Perhaps we can evolve from the “I” to the “we”, not just the collective “we” but an embodied “we”. The wifi cloud through our new appendage the hand phone might help us to evolve. We can’t live without a hand phone anymore, people are always using them, even while walking.

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One thought on “Infinity

  1. In my line of work as a psychic and medium, I help my clients to connect and communicate with their departed loved ones. The very fact that these spirits have memories of their past lives and can come forward to share intricate details about their experiences, personality traits and events that transpired in their lifetime suggests that all souls/astral beings have memories and these memory imprints are retained in some form or another in their afterlife and throughout the rebirth process.

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