It's cold in Europe and the US right now because of wind from the Arctic. The irony of cold weather because of global warming. Indeed jet streams are changing by it. The weather fluctuates, the climate is changing. I don't think humans at large will wake up to the issue until we die off because [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Time to return to the main point of this blog, recovery. As I've previously said brain death victims must try to use memory again. I had habits of trying to remember what I had for dinner last night. It slowly improved taking hours not days to recall. I then progressed to [...]


An assignment I completed for school. Choose a field from the list below where AI is applied. GamingPattern and handwriting RecognitionSpeech Recognition and ChatbotIntelligent RobotsReasoning and awarenessAutonomous Vehicle  Write a report on the application of AI to the chosen field. Your report should include: Background and History of chosen field.How traditional AI is applied to [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, By my experience things do slowly improve by repetition. I have been actively monitoring my stress since coma. I'm always thinking about my body and if it's working properly, immersed in thought, and wondering about the source of my stress. I never feel relaxed. At peace. I feel my consciousness is [...]


As the internet has helped me trying to learn Python I thought to publish the answers to my first assignment so that it might help others. We often search for information, for me recently it's been how to code Python. I'm a beginner, perhaps these questions can be answered much better. So here's the assignment, [...]